What the f**k are Mongolians and who are the Godz?

The Godz!!! Some of you say you never heard of them, yet others hail and revere
the band like they were and are…Godz! If you ask anyone around Columbus, Ohio,
who The Godz are, their response would leave you thinking as if you had
mentioned the Beatles in Liverpool. They are that legendary and more so to those
who know them on a first name basis. In their path lies a wake of destruction,
deflowered women, and asses kicked from over-the-top live shows. Bullet-holes,
broken beer bottles, motorcycle gangs, and plenty of titties are the norm when
in the presence of The Godz. However, if you ask frontman Eric Moore to best
describe himself amongst his gang of outlaws, he will simply say, “I am an old
hippie, a hillbilly that can shoot straight.”

Still you say, I haven’t heard of them and what makes them standout from the
rest? Well, do you think Metallica would just take anyone out on the road? Well,
lets not also forget that they have also shared the stages with Cheap Trick,
Judas Priest (1st U.S. Tour),The Babys, Iggy Pop, Angel, Triumph, The Outlaws,
Budgie, Nazareth, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult and many others. The Godz are known
the world over, albeit in little pockets here and there, and are held in highest
regard by some of rock-n-rolls finest.

The Godz were formed around 1976 in Columbus, Ohio. Rough and Rugged touring and
great fan support led to the band being signed to Casablanca Records alongside
labelmates K iss , Angel, and Donna Summer. Godz fans were loyal and devout and
even went by their own moniker of ‘The Machines’. The band was out there kicking
ass and taking names one by one; but it was one of their labelmates that would
soon strike a chord with the masses. That band was Kiss and wherever Kiss went,
so did the labels money. The band didn’t fail, but with little funding and
support, the guys were left to do it on their own. The critics never really
liked The Godz, radio wouldn’t play them, but middle America – they couldn’t get

The continuance of time would soon usher in a new decade and the band went on in
many forms. Always the uphill battle, founding member and only original member,
Eric Moore, held the band together be it with scotch tape, duct tape, glue, or
plain ‘ol spit and vinegar. By the Mid 80’s it was evident, that through the
guidance of Moore, the band was starting to shed their 70’s influence. A newly
reinvigorated group of guys, with new songs reminiscent of what ‘hard rock
eighties” was about emerged. And the result was Mongolians, the bands hardest
rocking and most solid release to date.

Mongolians….where do we start? Well, if you have been looking for this hard to
find gem and have been led to ebay or Amazon only to see the staggering asking
price of $70.00, and then seeing it sell for that much, then you know what
people think its worth. Leave it to FnA Records ( www.fnarecords.net ), to come in
and rescue this cult release from oblivion. FnA Records has inked a deal with
Eric Moore (The Godz) to release this cult album along with a bunch of never
released Godz material from the vaults and even a long-awaited dvd.

Mongolians is composed of 7 tracks from the import-only album I’ll Get You
Rockin’ (released only in Europe) and includes three new tracks (Criminal Minds,
Mongolians, Burning Bridges). The original Mongolians came out in 1987 on a
small indie label. What should have been destined to be an American hard rock
classic only wormed its way to cult status with little label support. Thats one
of many reasons sellers can demand the high dollar price for it. Stealing and
swapping inferior copies, which has hurt the industry, caused Eric Moore (The
Godz) to come forth and re-release the project. He signed with FnA Records, who
then took the album and remastered it, allowing the Mongolians to be sonically
enhanced, bigger, and brighter. One fan calls Mongolians “a true recipe for
rock-n-roll; a dash of boogie, a pinch of blues, a 1/3 cup of metal, and a
fistful rock! Mix it all together and you have a delicious masterpiece.” [says
Pete L. Thompson jr.]. Mongolians is true to its meaning, “an album that rides
hard and plays hard, and captures essence of gritty, gravely, midwest

The Mongolians package is available through FnA Records (fnarecords.net) and
fine retailers all around the world. Fan packages are available directly from
the label website which include a t-shirt, autographed cd, and a sticket. There
is also a super fan package available that will blow your mind (and wallet) –
check out the site to see what it entails.

If you are unfamiliar with The Godz, check out their long, rough and tumble
history that has led them to reaching cult status over the years. Check out
their story at www.thegodz.us If there ever was a rock n roll hall of fame for the decadent
society, you’d better be sure that the Godz would be there at the top of the mountain with
a brew in one hand and an arm around some metal bitch, half clothed, and on the
ride of her life!

FnA Records is the home to: The Godz, Tora Tora, Dirty Looks, Roxy Blue, Roxx
Gang, Gypsy Rose, D’Molls, Rock City Angels, Witch, Creature and many other
awesome 80’s hard rock acts.



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