Heavy MTL 2012

Heavy MTL 2012

DAY 2: Sunday

The Agonist was the first band of the day on the Apocalypse stage. Their melodic death metal drew a larger crowd than the previous day’s opening bands as it seemed a lot of the home town crowd had come out to support.


Overkill was one of the highlights of the weekend for us. Their aggressive thrash was obliterating. The set kicked off with “Come and Get It” from their newest album, The Electric Age [Nuclear Blast, 2012] and the backdrop image was taken from the albums very cool cover that just screams classic metal. When frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth asked “How you doing Montreal?” in his screeching style, the crowd roared back at him. Overkill tore through their set, including “Wrecking Crew”, “Elimination” and finishing with “Fuck You!”.





We caught B.A.R.F. from Montreal back on the Apocalypse stage. The trash/hardcore band have recently reunited this year after splitting up over a decade ago. Interesting set from these guys and it would appear they still have a huge following in Montreal.

Cancer Bats opened up with their cover of “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys. The hardcore band from Toronto played with high energy, setting a fierce pace that they kept up through their set.

Dillinger Escape Plan was added to the bill after Dethklok was forced to drop off. The band drew a smaller crowd, but they took over the stage with a savage intensity. Within the first song, frontman Greg Puciato was in the crowd, stalking all over the entire stage and climbing the scaffolding. Dillinger ripped through complex sounds as they dashed around the stage and even guitarist Ben Weinman got into the crowd, first standing on outreached hands and then surfing over the heads of fans.




Suicidal Tendencies was a much anticipated band of the weekend. Suicidal’s set was a first for many according to the reaction vocalist Mike Muir received when he asked the crowd who was seeing Suicidal for the first time. The hardcore punk band kicked off with “You Can’t Bring Me Down” and packed their set with songs like “War Inside My Head”, “Possessed by Skate” and of course, “Institutionalized”. To end their set Muir invited fans to mosh on stage.  

France’s Gojira attracted a massive audience. They spoke to the crowd in their native language in between songs. Gojira were perfectly heavy and precise as they delivered new tunes like “Explosia” and “L’enfant Sauvage” along with older favorites like “Flying Whales” and “Oroborus”.

In Flames was the replacement for Lamb of God and as vocalist Anders Friden joked, the festival was interrupting his vacation. In Flames knows how to cater to their crowd. The crowd surfers were endless and the sing-alongs were enthusiastic through the entire set. 



The last two bands on the Apocalypse stage were both from Quebec. Sword from Montreal, formed in the early 80’s was recently reunited in 2011. The home town crowd loved the performance by the band. The energy was awesome and they sounded great live.





The final band of the night for us was Voivod; the only real heavy metal headliners at Heavy MTL this year!!! A large contingent of loyal fans was over at the Apocalypse stage, choosing to support Voivod over Slipknot. In full dark, the screen used as a backdrop and the dramatic light show enhanced the presence Voivod brought to the stage. Frontman Denis Belanger strode around the stage and towered over the crowd as he delivered his vocals lines and some thumbs ups to the fans. They featured material off their upcoming album Target Earth [Century Media Records, 2013] among staples like “Voivod” and “Tribal Convictions”. Voivod also threw in “Psychic Vacuum” and “Chaosmongers”, songs that just recently made it into their live catalogue. They concluded with “Astronomy Domine”, a tribute to late guitarist Denis “Piggy” d’Amour. Voivod’s ferocious set was a perfect end to the weekend.



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