Amon Amarth to appear at Sweden Rock 2013!

Melodic death metal that is not poppy, nor influenced by folk music though the lyrics deal with Norse mythology and Viking themes. Amon Amarth from Stockholm have walked their own path on their way to becoming one of the most succesful death metal-bands of our time. They formed as early as 1992 and got their first minor breakthrough with their lauded fourth album ”Versus the world” (2002), where their sound for the first time was dominated by heaviness rather than speed. From that point, Amon Amarth earned increasingly greater success with albums like ”With Oden on our side” (2006), ”Twilight of the thunder god” (2008) and ”Surtur rising” (2011). Powerful guitar work, a relentless rhythm section and grandiose achievements from Johan Hegg, a frontman who both looks and sounds as if he was was born to perform in a band like this – a combination that has made Amon Amarth international metal stars.

Status Quo
Amon Amarth
Morgana Lefay
The Scams


Many, many more bands – big and small, and from most rock/metal sub genres – are still to be confirmed, so expect more announcements soon.

Sweden Rock Festival is taking place in Sölvesborg, southern Sweden on June 5-8 2013. Tickets will be made available this Tuesday, September 25th, at 9pm.



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