Norwegian metal bands available on a free downoadable compilation


We have collected some of the best Norwegian metal bands on one mixtape. And it’s all free! This collaboration proves that the Norwegian metal scene is a strong one, flourishing with diversity and willing to make a statement. Whatever subgenre, whether extreme or mainstream, we all believe Norwegian metal is on the rise and needs to be heard. Go to: to download.

This mixtape consists of 24 Norwegian metal bands, both signed and unsigned. The initiative behind this collection was made by Trøndercore Records, albeit Trøndercore Records does not own the rights to music from these artists. Except from Grown Into Nothing, Fuel For Disaster, Drain The Blood, The Hate Colony and I Will Tear This World Apart.

All music on this mixtape appears on the courtesy of the performing artists and their respective labels.


01 No Dawn – Soul Oppressor

02 Killtek – Beyond the Rage

03 Purified In Blood – Escape to Solace

Courtesy of Indie Recordings

04 The Hate Colony – Remember Me

Courtesy of Trøndercore Records

05 Exeloume – Locus Ceruleus

Courtesy of Vicisolum

06 Leadsledge – Days Less Lived (feat. Remi S. Langseth)

07 Grown Into Nothing – Bloodsucker

Courtesy of Trøndercore Records

08 Beaten To Death – 3-2-1, It’s On

Courtesy of Mas-Kina

09 Blodspor – Slakt

Courtesy of Negative Vibe Records

10 Chton – Death Awaits (edit)

Courtesy of Godeater Records

11 EmergentSea – Values

12 Shadowmind – Aftermath

13 The Wretched End – Throne Renowned of Old

Courtesy of Candlelight

14 Scornful – Waiting

15 Matanzick – Matar

16 Hellish Outcast – Genocide

Courtesy of Transcend Music

17 I Will Tear This World Apart – Amongst Enemies

Courtesy of Trøndercore Records

18 Rising In Vain – My Abyss

19 Drain The Blood – Likeness Syndrome

Courtesy of Trøndercore Records

20 Cleaver – Healing by Violence

21 Diskord – Psychotic Process

Courtesy of No Posers Please!

22 Eye of Horus – Tragedy

23 We Built This Ocean – Submerged

24 Fuel For Disaster – Echoes in My Sleep



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