HEADCHARGER INTERVIEW With Matt (Drums) and Roma (Bass)

Headcharger Interview

with Matt (Drums) and Roma (Bass)

@ Bloodstock 2012

Seb: Vocals

Babz: Guitar

Rom: Bass

Antony: Guitar

Matt: Drums


Interview by Joffie Lovett

We recently caught up with up and coming Stoner Metal band Headcharger, from France at Bloodstock 2012 Festival and spoke to the very friendly Matt (Drums) and Roma (Bass) from the band. 

So, you guys are playing later on at the Sophie Lancaster stage. How have you found the festival so far? Have you been here very long and managed to check out the other bands?

Matt: Not yet, we’ve just arrived a few hours ago and just got off the tour van and came straight here, so we haven’t checked anyone out just yet, but it’s gonna happen! We actually go on stage at 18:50pm and we’re gonna have a lot of free time as soon as we get off stage so there’s a lot of bands to see.

Yeah and Alice Cooper is headlining tonight as well.

Roma: Yeah!

Matt: Yeah! You see all of us in the band are people from different backgrounds, we like every kind of music and everything, we like to check out Dimmu Borgir, we like to check out Paradise Lost, everybody really, the more bands we can check out the better it is.

Do you prefer playing these larger festival shows or do you prefer playing smaller more intimate shows where the crowd is closer to you?

Matt: Yeah, I mean usually we play to smaller crowds than this, more like club venues and things, but we got lucky to be able to play a few festivals, we played Sonisphere at Knebworth in 2011, and then Sonisphere in Madrid…

Roma: Yep and we played Hellfest in France last year.

Matt: Yep, and it’s always, always a great time. It’s always so much fun and it’s a great thing to share the stage with all those great bands, and you always meet nice people and when you play in front of those larger sized crowds it’s always fun, it’s always good!

Yeah, so you get a lot more energy from those larger sized crowds?

Roma: Yeah!

Matt: Yeah and we always try to get the best crowd reaction we can, whether it’s one person or 1 thousand people, we try to always give the same amount of energy and the same quality of show. But when you see that large amount of people in front of you and you can see that they really get what you’re doing and understand your music, it’s awesome. It’s the best feeling in the world I guess?

How would you describe the sound of your band to people that may not have heard Headcharger before?

Roma: Err, we’ve got so many influences in the band, we’ve got 5 guys who all listen to different music, but that’s good for the band because then we tend to have more of a mix of different musical styles. We’ve got Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, a little bit of Metal music, but it’s hard to describe our music really coz we just play it and have fun with it really.

Matt: And we all have different influences, but I guess we all have in common the fact that we all listen to Rock & Metal music and all the bands that are within those genres.

Roma: We’re just a Rock band really.

Matt: And everything that goes through our eyes, we’ll take.

You don’t particularly limit yourselves to any Genre name tags or anything like that then?

Matt: Yeah, not really, when it’s good it’s good, you know?

And what’s the tour plans for Headcharger once you’ve finished playing here at Bloodstock?

Matt: Well actually tonight is our last show for the summer, so we’ll be starting touring again sometime in September. Oh and it’s just started raining!

Ahh right on cue as soon as we mention the word summer! Haha! Bloody English weather!

Matt: So yeah, it’s our last show for the summer, and we’re gonna start touring again around September or October time, so a lot of shows have started to be lined up already, and we’re also starting to work on new material, as we’re currently putting together an acoustic show, so we’ll be playing all the Headcharger songs but in an acoustic setup, so we’re quite busy actually and it’s going to be quite fun. We have like a week or 10 days’ vacation, and even then we’re never too far from our musician lives.

Excellent! Well it’s just started to rain here at Bloodstock now; it’s pretty cold icy rain so typical normal English summer weather despite all the sunshine we’ve had here this weekend, so I’ll try not to keep you guys too long if you want to get undercover from this rain!

Matt: It’s ok, you know this is the kind of weather we’ve had all summer where we live in Normandy, and we got bad weather all summer!

Roma: Yep, we had rain the whole time!

Well it’s been baking hot here all weekend up until now! You can probably see my arms and my face are pretty horribly sun-burned from the past few days!

Matt: Yeah! Hahaha!

Roma: Oh yeah! Hahaha!

Yeah and today’s the first day that we’ve had rain here now! So, looking at the other bands on the line-up for the festival, if you could do a collaboration with any of the bands on the line-up or have any of them guest on your album, who would you pick and why?

Matt: Wow, that’s a tough one, I guess I would choose Alice Cooper, because he’s just a classic Rock legend, I wish I could work with him but then he might not be around for a lot longer you know? So, I’d probably choose him, but then all the bands on the line-up are good and we love to share ideas and get ideas from people, but for me personally I think it would have to be Alice Cooper.

Roma: I think for me it would have to be Nile and Dimmu Borgir, although Dimmu isn’t really my kind of normal music, I’d love to learn more about the whole folklore and occult history behind their music.

And if you guys could put on a festival with a line-up of bands, from any era in history whether they be alive or dead, who would be on your dream festival line-up?

Roma: Ahh, well it would be different between all of the members of the band!

Yeah I can imagine!

Roma: I’m a Hardcore fan myself, but I don’t just listen to Hardcore, but that’s the kind of scene that I grew up on. With bands like Converge, Madball, and so many other great Hard-core bands, but I also love Metallica.

Yeah, cause a lot of people so far have said that they want to get Black Sabbath for their line-up and Queen with Freddie Mercury was one of my choices.

Roma: Yeah!

Matt: Yeah, you see for me I think there’d be too much choice, I wouldn’t know where to start!

Roma: And the rain stops!

Yeah! The rain’s stopped just at the end of the interview! Now remind me again the name of your latest album…

Matt: The name of the album is Slow Motion Disease

Awesome and you can get that from the website, 13bisrecords.com

Roma: Yep and you can check out the Headcharger Facebook page as well.


And you’ll be tearing it up on the Sophie Lancaster stage later on at 18:50pm!

Roma: And we look forward to seeing you in the pit dude!

Yeah man, I’ll see if I can rush between stages and try and catch you guys later on! But it’s been awesome to meet you guys!

Matt: Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too man, and thank you!

Roma: Thanks dude, it was great to meet you too!




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