FURYON INTERVIEW With Matt Mitchell (vocals)

Furyon Interview

with Matt Mitchell (vocals)

@ Bloodstock 2012

Matt Mitchell – Vocals

Pat Heath – Guitars

Alex “Nickel” Bowen – Bass

Lee Farmery – Drums


Interview by Joffie Lovett

During Bloodstock 2012 we had the pleasure of catching up with the guys from Furyon who are currently taking the world by storm with their own brand of Melodic Heavy Metal and given that they are all UK, Brighton based.

It’s great to see the band going from strength to strength and really becoming a musical powerhouse with truly global potentials!

So, you did your set earlier on at the Sophie Lancaster stage, how did it go and how are you finding the festival so far?

Matt: It was awesome man, we really didn’t know what to expect but we played here two years ago and we headlined the New Blood stage, and for me personally I was just looking around and thought “what a wicked festival!” But I didn’t really realise just how good it was before as I had a lot of friends saying “you’ve GOT to go to Bloodstock!”

We played here two years ago and to be playing again, now on the Sophie Lancaster stage is just absolutely awesome, and there was the whole usual thing of about 15 minutes before we’re due to come on, peeping through the stage curtain and thinking “Ahh God it’s empty!” And then when we walked on it was absolutely full to the brim, which is always amazing!

So it was good man, the band played well, we have a few problems on stage but that’s just festivals and that all gets sorted out after the first couple of songs.

And did the music go down well with the crowd? As you’re a lot more melodic than a lot of the bands here today, but I’ve seen you around a few times down in Brighton and I’ll definitely catch you guys live again soon hopefully.

Matt: Absolutely man! We will be back in Brighton again soon and in December we’ll be doing a headline show at The Concorde venue.

The thing is though, I feel exactly the same as you and this is the reason that I like Bloodstock because you’ll get a band like Furyon and then you’ll get someone like Deicide, its nuts!

I mean the good thing about Furyon is that we’re dropped tuned and heavy sort of music but it is melodic vocals, and whether some people might like it and they go “yeah, it’s melodic it sounds like this and I can hear influences of that” and you hit the nail on the head.

I think as some people that listen to our music and then talk to us about it, some of the things they say about it and I think “oh my God, where on earth did you get that from?” and they say “well I really like it coz it reminds me of this” and they pull out names like Def Leppard and I go “well of course we were all massively influenced by them when we were young” and stuff like that, and then you get other people that say “ahh your music is really like Soundgarden!” and of course the two of those bands are kind of like chalk and cheese but maybe that’s it though, that sort of mish-mash of styles and it’s cool man!  

Nickle (Bass Player): Ed’s got my tobacco! Where is he!?

Matt: Hahaha! That’s Nickle! (Nickle then goes off in search of his Tobacco). It’s one of those things where everyone’s influences are different, as mine were probably lightest in the band really…

Yeah, and the vocals are really brilliant from what I’ve heard and then listening to Furyon’s latest album. I think the material that you guys have is easily good enough to get you playing on the Main Stage, but maybe next year or the year after that?

Matt: Well, that’s brilliant, thanks! The thing is we all came out of school years and years ago and went “We want to do THIS”, and then you just do what you have to do, and you try to nail your craft to a point, but of course there’s always good and bad days and we’ve all been sick as dogs recently and we were all on stage just thinking “Oh my God, what are we gonna perform like!?” Cause we’ve all had the Brighton Flu you know? But it all seemed to go alright, and for me as a vocalist, I try and look after myself as best as I can, but I love booze as much as anyone else and it’s a fucking metal festival!

Yeah exactly!

*we both laugh*

Yeah, and the dust here too!

Matt: Yeah, and just the fact of being outside, drinking and talking loads kinda gets to you but singers know how to look after themselves you know? And even if you don’t you learn pretty quickly as you realise “I can’t do that, because I couldn’t do a show the next day” so after a while things get whittled down, you know?!

So what’s the name of the latest release from Furyon, and where can people get hold of it?

Matt: The album’s called Gravitas and it’s been released on Frontiers Records this year, and for the UK Fans the album has become quite a well-known record as Metal Hammer did a cover mount of it at the end of last year and gave it away with the magazine for free, and we also did a sort of collector’s edition of the first release that was self-released by us as well. But the album has just gone out worldwide now trough Frontiers Records and especially for places like mainland Europe the band should be fairly new for them which is good.

So the profile of the band should be going up pretty soon?

Matt: The profile is going up definitely but the very new thing that we’re doing is the single “Don’t Follow” from the album and that’s out through all the usual places like ITunes and all the online places and the video is getting pushed out at the moment.

Excellent! And Frontiers Records has some seriously good artists on their books that you guys could go out on tour with as well so that bodes well for the future I should imagine?

Matt: Absolutely amazing, yeah! And if anyone at Frontiers Records is reading this, hint hint nudge nudge, Whitesnake! That would just be amazing of course!

Because you’ve got Whitesnake on there, Journey is on there…

Matt: Yeah, exactly!

Yeah, there’s all manner of great artists on Frontiers Records.

Matt: There are loads on there and that’s what keeps them really up there as a label, and of course there’s a trail of past bands behind. And to be honest they’ve been really great and wonderful to us and really helped out recently, so I look forward to getting some down time with them.

So, what are the touring plans after Bloodstock are you guys going to be playing anywhere else?

Matt: Yeah, we’re actually doing a Northern UK tour after this so we’re gonna hit places like Newcastle, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and then we’re going across the water to The Netherlands.

Ahh, that’s where my family are from!

Matt: Ahh wow! Well that’s kind of where Nickle is from, he’s from Aruba, which is in the Caribbean and of course, it’s a Dutch colony isn’t it?

Ahh right, yes!

*At this point the press contact for Furyon came over and was pointing at her watch to say that unfortunately we were out of time*

Ahh, are we out of time?! Ok, well I’ll have to stop the interview there then Matt.

Thanks very much again for your time today and it’s been really awesome being able to chat to you.

Matt: That’s no problem, my pleasure as always! Thank you for the interview! 



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