DRIPBACK INTERVIEW @ Bloodstock 2012

Dripback Interview

@ Bloodstock 2012


Interview by Joffie Lovett

Between watching bands on the main stage and Sophie Lancaster stage bands during Bloodstock 2012, I took a short time out to interview Gino, guitarist from London based Death Metal/Hardcore band Dripback, who I caught performing on the Sophie Lancaster stage earlier on in the day.

Their stage performance was pretty mental to say the least! So I was expecting a similar outcome for the interview and I was not disappointed!

Bloodstock Saturday at 5:22pm and I’m here with Gino from Dripback, who only afew hours ago performed on the Sophie Lancaster stage and pretty much completely tore it up! Thanks for your time today mate!

Gino: Thanks for having us bro!

How are you finding the Bloodstock festival so far? How has the reception from the fans been?

Gino: What when we played?


Gino: Ahh fuck man, it was the bollocks! We were buzzing man!

I did enjoy it a lot!

Gino: Yeah, we really, really had a good time man! And it looked like everyone else had a good time too man.

Yeah, I think what energy I have left after yesterday I was trying to put it into your set this morning, definitely! It went down really well.

Gino: Ahh we really really appreciate that, and you’re wearing an AWESOME T-Shirt man! This man, just to point out for the readers, this guy Joffie is wearing a T-Shirt of The New Order by Testament and it looks the bollocks and we LOVE Testament man!

Thanks dude, I’m really looking forward to seeing them again later on! So after your set on the Sophie Lancaster stage would you say that you prefer playing to larger size crowds such as this or do you prefer the smaller more intimate shows when you’re playing live?

Gino: Well if there are 5 people or 10, you get the same reaction and I know everyone says that. I mean we played in a fucking tent at the back of a wine bar in Kent man and the kids in there just kicked off to a whole new level and there were only about 20 of them! So that was insane and to do that and then come to Bloodstock and play in front of the large crowd on the Sophie stage, we feel blessed bro! I mean just having the opportunity to play here and there’s so many fucking people here man! I was blown away man, it’s unbelievable! And I know some of the forum people were moaning that we were playing here two years in a row, which is kind of weird, but you can always wait until next year when we do the hat trick!

Or maybe on the main stage next year perhaps?

Gino: Sophie Stage 3 years on the trot, it’s gonna happen!


Gino: I honestly love the tents man, and I love watching bands in there as well as performing. I know it’s kind of natural to perform outside in the open air and stuff but there’s something about being closed in and being restricted that I really like.

Yeah, I guess it kind of brings everyone together a bit more maybe?

Gino: I dunno, it’s like I was saying before when you get a Black Metal band like Mayhem or something like that and they’re playing at 3 in the afternoon in the sunshine, they’re a great fucking band but if they’re trying to play depressing dark stuff and you’re watching them in bright sunshine… …I’d rather be locked up in the fucking Fritzle basement playing Death Metal, you know?

*we both laugh*

So what’s the name of the new album that you guys were talking about during your set, you were saying that it’s due to be released sometime soon? And your sound guy was the guy that produced it was he?

Gino: Yeah! That’s Russell, yeah! We haven’t got a title for the album as of yet but we’re working with a few different labels to see who we want to put it out with, and we’re really hoping we can get it out there soon.

Keep checking back on the website for more details then I guess?

Gino: Yeah, well we need to sort our fucking website out to be fair!

Ahh ok, so once you’ve finished up here at Bloodstock, what’s the plan after this, are you going to be touring anywhere else?

Gino: Yeah, we have a show at The Camden Underworld in London on September 25th with Nasum and Black Breath which we’re really really excited about! It’s gonna really kick off! We’re over the moon to be playing that one! And apart from that it’s just a case of getting the new album finished and seeing what happens from there.

And are there any bands here at the festival that you’re hoping to check out whilst you’re here?

Gino: Well yesterday we checked out Sepultura, I checked out Iced Earth, they’re not really on anyone else’s radar in the band but they’re one of my personal favourites, I’m a bit of a Power Metal whore, you know what I mean? Yesterday was really great though, today has been really awesome so far and tonight you’ve got Orange Goblin, you’ve got Testament, you’ve got Machine Fucking Head, it’s ridiculous! Testament is the one for me today though but you’ve also got some really good bands on the New Blood stage as well. This is the thing about Bloodstock though, you can go to the New Blood stage and get some really good, honest, hard-working bands and then you go to the main stage and you get some cracking bands like we watched Crowbar earlier and they smashed it! The main man Tommy on drums is the fucking best!

I’ll do one more question to wrap up the interview as I think the next press person wants to grab hold of you guys for their interview! So if you could put on your dream festival line up of any bands from history whether they be alive or dead, who would you want to choose and why?

Gino: My dream festival line-up? Well, that’s a tough one man! It would have to have Napalm Death on there as they’re just the cornerstone of British Heavy Metal, they’ve been kicking ass for so long. So Napalm Death, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, and then you gotta have some Hardcore like Biohazard, Lockup…

This sounds like a good festival!

Gino: Yeah! I’d have a mix of everything; get some Hardcore and some Death Metal definitely. That would be awesome!

Sounds like my kind of festival! Well, thanks for giving up your time today man.

Gino: No no, thank you man! 




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