Anaal Nathrakh Interview

with Dave Hunt (Vocals)

@ Bloodstock 2012


David Hunt AKA V.I.T.R.I.O.L

Mick Kenney

Interview by Joffie Lovett

This year at Bloodstock 2012 we caught up with a very injured looking Dave Hunt from Benediction and Anaal Nathrakh to talk all things Anaal Nathrakh and Bloodstock, aswell as why he was hobbling around the festival on one leg…


It’s Bloodstock Sunday afternoon, I’m here with Dave Hunt from Anaal Nathrakh and Benediction with a very injured looking leg. How are you finding the festival so far, especially with the leg problems and how was the Benediction set yesterday?

Dave: Erm, so far I’ve found the festival a pain in the ass to get around, coz me leg don’t work! Other than that I haven’t had the opportunity to have much of a look at it. I mean we played with Benediction yesterday but we had to be here at like 9am to get ready for that, cause you gotta set the stage up and all that bollocks, and then I had to go home again to sit with my leg in the air. So I haven’t been able to catch anything, and then today I’ve just arrived and doing some interviews and things, so…

What happened to your leg??

Dave: Doctor reckons it’s Gout! Which I thought I was a bit young for, but maybe I drink extra heavy, I don’t know! But the gig yesterday…

It was a very static gig I’m guessing?

Unfortunately it was a very static gig for me, yeah, but it went really well. We were really chuffed with it, cause you never know. You’re playing so early that some people are queuing for the shower, or some people are still in bed, you know? You don’t really know what to expect, but a load of people came out but and we had a good time.

Do you prefer playing in these larger festival environments or do you prefer the smaller more intimate shows?

Dave: Umm, there is a certain good quality about playing big shows, so I’m not saying I don’t like doing it, but I do prefer smaller gigs, I do. Just because my idea of a good show isn’t being in Iron Maiden, not that I’m knocking that, but for me to enjoy it my idea of a good show is a horrible stinking dive with blood on the ceiling and all that kind of thing. So I kind of prefer the smaller gigs, but it’s nice to have a mix, you know? It’s kind of cool doing stuff like this as well.

It’s nice that you guys have got a headline slot on the Sophie Lancaster stage as well, even if it is at the same time as Dimmu Borgir, because I was surprised that they didn’t put Anaal Nathrakh on the main stage.

Dave: Err, they tried to and we said no…

Oh really!?

Dave: Yeah

You didn’t want to play on the Main Stage?

Dave: No, coz if we played on the Main Stage it would have been 1 o’clock in the afternoon or something and there’s not necessarily a problem with that but given the choice I’d rather play at least when it’s dark. There’s more atmosphere to it and everything, and preferably for me the enclosed area that you get in the tent, I’m a bit more happier then.

Now the latest Anaal Nathrakh release, called Passion, you guys seem to put out lots and lots of material all the time which of course is really good! What’s the next release that’s going to be coming for Anaal Nathrakh?

Dave: Yeah, it’s called Vanitas, we recorded it months ago, we’ve already given it to the label and it comes out in October.


Dave: Yeah, we get through stuff kinda quick! Haha! But it’s just the way it works for us.

Yeah, one of the guys I’m camping with, he was saying that you’re one of the most consistent bands he’s ever seen in terms of always putting new stuff out which he’s really happy about because he’s a big fan too.

Dave: Cool! Well I’m glad you both liked it then!

So once you’ve finished up playing here at Bloodstock are you going to be playing any other festivals or shows elsewhere?

Dave: We’ve got a couple more, cause this is part way through a run of festivals that we’ve been doing as we were in Finland a few weeks ago. Earlier last week we were in the Czech Republic, and on Thursday we go to Zurich and play a club show with Nile and then we go to Summer Breeze, which is quite a big festival in Germany.

Then that’s it for a little while, and then we’ve got more shows after.

We’ve got a tour in Canada in November, then probably going to Finland and Sweden in October, it’s all quite busy, we’re getting around!

And whilst you’re here at the Bloodstock Festival are you going to be catching any of the other bands or I guess with the leg injury that might be a problem?

Dave: That’s the thing, I’d love to! But I can’t. Yeah, it would be great but unfortunately I’m a cripple.

Ahh that’s a shame dude! Well, if you could choose to do a collaboration or guest on an album of any of the artists on the line-up for Bloodstock this year, who would you love to work with and why?

Dave: I actually don’t know to be honest. I haven’t thought about that, cause we’re always thinking of people that would be cool to muck about with…

Yeah? Afew people have said Testament so far and who else has been playing…? Errm, I think Sanctuary were on yesterday as well…

Dave: Personally I don’t think that’s the kind of stuff that would work well with Anaal Nathrakh’s stuff…

Yeah, that’s probably true! Haha!

Dave: I did hear there was an Indian Death Metal band playing, and I don’t know how steeped they are in the unusual sounding music you get from over there, I wouldn’t necessarily want to do an Indian song but that kind of thing, something unexpected, and Leftfield, that kind of thing, that’s what I’d most like to do I think.

I’ll try not to keep you for too much longer, but if you had the opportunity to put on your dream festival of bands from any era in history whether they be alive or dead, what bands would make up your dream festival line-up?

Dave: Errm, I’d like to have Vladislav Spielman playing Chopin, I’d like to have Whitehouse and probably King Diamond… …that’ll do for a line-up!

Yeah, I thought King Diamond was going to be headlining Bloodstock this year before they announced Machine Head.

Dave: Well, he did originally announce he was only going to do two shows this year, Sweden Rock and Hellfest. I saw him at Hellfest, he was absolutely ACE! He was brilliant!

Yeah, I wanted to go to Hellfest so much but my budget didn’t stretch that far unfortunately. Well anyways, it’s been really great chatting to you dude, thanks again for your time today.

Dave: That’s alright, thank you! 



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