Abiosi: Band’s first album available for free download

Red Front: ‘Memories of War’ released for free download!
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Already with the writing process of its second album well advanced, RED FRONT resolves to gift friends and fans with the debut album ‘Memories Of War’ for free download.

And gifting fans is not unusual in the history of RED FRONT, see the Red Front’s Jelly and the Demo distributed free at all concerts of the band, which always showed great respect for its admirers, “they do the mosh” comments guitarist Oscar Casarini, showing that the interaction between public and the band is what leads RED FRONT to an increasing level within the underground.

After three thousand physical copies sold of the album, the band decided to release the job for free.

To download free ‘Memories of War’ click the link:

Check out the music video for “Circle of Hate”:

Merchandise: www.metalmedia.com.br/mailorder
Contact for concerts: contato@redfront.com.br

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Rhestus: Band releases first album for download!
Image: www.metalmedia.com.br/images/rhestus_pressfront.jpg (Mákila Crowley)
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In the process of recording the new EP, successor to the album “Games Of Joy… Games of War!”, RHESTUS presents the fans with the free download of debut album “Embryo of the Endless Sands”, 2003.

“Many people are getting in touch to inquire about when the band will have more material, and to ease the wait a bit, we decided to free the first album, so who knew ‘Games of Joy… Games of War!’ may have easier access to ‘Embryo of the Endless Sands'”, says Alex Fantasma, vocalist and guitarist.

To download the package “Embryo of the Endless Sands” which contains the album art and the the band portfolio, visit:

Contact for concerts and merchandise: rhestus@yahoo.com.br

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Necropsya: New single and music video released
Image: www.metalmedia.com.br/images/necropsya_pressfront.jpg (Andre Smirnoff)
Album cover: metalmedia.com.br/newspress_br/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/necropsya_isolation_web.jpg
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NECROPSYA just released a very special new single for free download. The song is called ‘Isolation’. Along with the single the group released a video clip.

The new work was recorded in a major studio in Brazil, Curitiba’s Click Studio, and had the production by the band itself. Already the video, it is not any video clip. Just like everything else that goes into the hands of the trio, the work is surrounded by a lot of artistic quality and a special touch, which differs greatly from works done today.

Produced and edited by Dennys Rocha, the music video can be conferred here:

To download ‘Isolation’ for free, click the link:

Contact for concerts and merchandise: info@necropsya.net

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Imminent Attack: New album is already availabe!
Image: www.metalmedia.com.br/images/imminentattack_pressfront.jpg (Pepe Brandão)
Album cover: metalmedia.com.br/newspress_br/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/imminentattack_deliver_web.jpg
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The first work of one of the promises of the Brazilian Metal is finally available: ‘Deliver Us From Ourselves’ from the thrashers of IMMINENT ATTACK.

The material was produced by Rafael Augusto Lopes who, besides having played with Torture Squad, has worked with bands like Lothlöryen, Hangar, Dr. Sin, Kiko Loureiro, Threat, Baranga, among others. The album also features guest appearances of the singer Pedro Poney from Violator and Augusto Lopes himself.

Another aspect that attracted considerable attention is the cover art, intelligent and beyond the traditional standards of booklets today. The art was done by artist Carlos Cananea, specializing in motorsport and related materials that debuted in the music business with this material for IMMINENT ATTACK.

The CD is now available for sale and can be found directly with the band by e-mail: contato@imminentattack.com.br ou by Metal Media Mailorder: www.metalmedia.com.br/mailorder for world.

It also released a teaser of work that can be checked here:

To contact the band and schedule shows: contato@imminentattack.com.br

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Krow: Boarding for its second European tour
Image: www.metalmedia.com.br/images/krow_pressfront.jpg (Luciana Santos/Leo Crosara)
Poster: metalmedia.com.br/newspress_en/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/krow_eurofull.jpg
Electronic Press Kit: www.metalmedia.com.br/krow/index_en.php

KROW presents us with a pleasant last minute surprise. The group this weekend confirmed their new tour through the old world!

As well as the first European tour went for almost two months, this one will also be a great journey. KROW is expected to remain across the continent for at least 45 shows!

The tour will be divided as follows – the first part is 24 days with the other band of musician A. from Watain, Undercroft, who recently signed with the label Season of Mist (Check out a video of Undercroft here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYpdMjDNvfg ).

The dates of the first part of the tour is as follows:

01.09.2012 GER Hamburg @ Undercroft Release Party
02.09.2012 DK Alborg @ 1000fryd
07.09.2012 SE Ulmea @ Verket
08.09.2012 SE Stockolm @ TBA
12.09.2012 FIN Hämeenlinna @ Suistoklubi
13.09.2012 FIN Helsinki @ TBA
14.09.2012 FIN Kouvola @ Rytmikatti
15.09.2012 RUS St. Petesburg @ DA Club
16.09.2012 RUS Pskov @ Tyr Club
18.09.2012 LTV Riga @ Nabaklab
19.09.2012 LIT Alytus @ Alytus in Rock Fest
20.09.2012 POL Grudzi?dz @ Underworld Xes Pub
21.09.2012 POL Lublin @ Grafitti
22.09.2012 POL Poznan @ U Bazyla

Later the tour will become KROW + supports, passing through many cities and some festivals, these festivals will happen in October.

In this part of the trip, KROW divides the tour for a week with legendary Dutch band Sinister.

Primarily the dates are:

26.09.2012 HOL Sittard @ Down Town Rock Stage
27.09.2012 HOL Eindhoven @ TBA W/ ONSLAUGHT
28.09.2012 FR Lille @ TBA
29.09.2012 DE Sittard @ TBA
02.10.2012 DE Lugau @ Iron Eagle
04.10.2012 POL Szczecin @ TBA
05.10.2012 DE GER Wüzburg @ Hell Inside Festival
06.10.2012 GER Dresden @ Skull Crusher
09.10.2012 POL Bielsko Biala @ Rude Boy
12.10.2012 Petrosani @ Barock
13.10.2012 RO Bucharest @ Romanian Thrash Metal Fest
16.10.2012 RO Bacau @ Subway Club
17.10.2012 MD Chisinau @ Brutal Attack Fest
18.10.2012 RO Iasi @ Underground
19.10.2012 RO Cluj-Napoca @ Irish & Music Pub
20.10.2012 RO Arad @ Metal Attack Fest
21.10.2012 HU Szeged @ Club Noir

22.10.2012 HU TBA
23.10.2012 HU Budapest @ Dürer Kert
24.10.2012 SR Belgrade @ Gun Club
25.10.2012 RO Timisoara @ Daos Club
26.10.2012 RO Brasov @ Rockstadt Club
27.10.2012 BG Ruse @ Elias Canetti

28.10.2012 BG Burgas @ TBA
30.10.2012 TR Istanbul @ Dorock Bar
31.10.2012 GR Thesalloniki @ Biologika Squat
01.11.2012 BG Sofia @ The Box
02.11.2012 MK Skopje @ TBA
03.11.2012 BH Sarajevo @ TBA
07.11.2012 SK Kosice @ Colloseum TBC
08.11.2012 POL Wroclaw @ TBA
09.11.2012 GER Halle @ TBA
10.11.2012 POL Gary @ Death Fest
11.11.2012 GER Berlin @ TBA

Contact for concerts and merchandise: krow@krowmetalzone.com

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Panzer: Returning after 10 years with single and video clip
Image: www.metalmedia.com.br/images/panzer_pressfront.jpg (Carla Santos)
Album Cover: metalmedia.com.br/newspress_br/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/panzer_rising_web.jpg
Electronic Press Kit: www.metalmedia.com.br/panzer/index_en.php

Just reunited, PANZER released for download the new single ‘Rising’, which can be downloaded for free at the band’s official site: www.panzermetal.com.br

‘Rising’ marks the return of PANZER after a hiatus of 10 years. Currently the band features the original members André Pars on guitar and Edson Graseffi on drums, and the newbies Rafael Moreira, recruited for the vocals, and Rafael DM who will be responsible for the bass. For the recording of the single was invited bassist Dennis Grunheidt, who has already played in PANZER. ‘Rising’ was produced by the band and Henrique Baboom.

From this work was also born an official music video, done in partnership with Metal Works who already worked with names like Andralls, Pentacrostic, Nervosa, among many others.

Formed in 1992 and with two albums released in the 1990s and early 2000s, ‘Inside’ and ‘The Strongest’, the group has established itself as one of the leading names in the National Metal and is considered one of the great Brazilian bands.

Contact for concerts and merchandise: info@panzermetal.com.br

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