Abiosi: Band’s first album available for free download

ABIOSI’s has made available for free download from their debut album ‘Carnificina… Verdadeira guerra civil’ of 2002. The download comes with the celebration of 11 years of the band.

ABIOSI, formed in 2001, got its name from the word abiose, “no life”, inspired by the lack of love that people have for life, killing for trivial reasons.

Their sound is defined as Thrashcore / Metalcore, heavy and aggressive, with lyrics in Portuguese, in protest against social inequality, political, racial, preaching peace by bringing a peripheral culture and portraying the difficulties encountered on the streets.

To download the album click the link:

Contact for concerts and merchandise: abiosicontatos@hotmail.com

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Source: www.metalmedia.com.br

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