SommarRock Festival 2012 with Bonafide,Hammerfall and Thin Lizzy at Friluftsbadet Svedala Sweden

SommarRock Festival 2012: Saturday


Saturday began with rain that luckily stopped when it was time for Thin Lizzy to go on stage. This version of Thin Lizzy today includes Scott Gorham amongst other and since the reunion back in late 90’s have a lot of members come and gone. We were really exited to see how Ricky Warwick was going to be as a singer and our expectations were pretty high. We watched the crew prepare the stage and could see a huge backdrop portraying the band name framed by lightbulbs. When the clock turned 8:25 were there a lot of people in front of the stage that gave the band a warm welcome when the members turned up on stage.


Thin Lizzy

Warwick went straight over to the mic and said – Are you ready? And the crowd screamed yes and the band kicked off the first song which of course were “Are You Ready”. That song was instantly followed by the crowd pleaser “Jailbreak” and it was not hard to see that Warwick and the rest of the band was in a great mood from the very beginning of the show to the end. The current edition of the band includes:

Brian Downey – drums

Scott Gorham – guitar

Ricky Warwick – lead vocals, guitar

Darren Wharton – keyboard

Marco Mendoza – bass

Damon Johnson – guitar

Warwick said that Thin Lizzy is now stronger than ever and is back to stay and introduced the next song “Don’t Believe A Word”. Warwick then urged us to give it up for Mendoza who was going to kick off the song “Killer On The Loose”. (Anders) – I have seen Mendoza in action many many times before but now he was more calm and didn’t do as much flirting as usual…but he still flirted with the ladies of course. “Dancing In The Moonlight” continued and the band was really solid and tight together, they sure felt like a unit. Wharton kicked off “Angel Of Death” and the audience gave their support to the band during the entire show.








Warwick did a really great job and he’s the perfect man to front Thin Lizzy. He gave the music a more harder and compact sound with his energetic voice which is what the band needed. “Whiskey In The Jar” made everyone in the audience dance and in the middle the fans took over singing from Warwick. “Suicide”, “Rosalie”, “Emerald” and “Black Rose” followed as well as “Cowboy Song” which transcended in the last song “Boys Are Back In Town”. The song ended with a long outro and Warwick said that Thin Lizzy is back stronger than ever and that they were going to come back.

Someone that impressed us a lot, besides Warwick, was Downey and he contributed with rock solid drum playing and it was great fun to see an original member on stage. Johnson also did his best to get the crowd going and we have to say that all of the members completed each other perfect on stage. He did also most of the guitar solos and Gorham took on the rhythm guitar parts. Warwick played guitar most of the time which made it sometimes three guitars in action. Wharton was the most anonymous member in the band and he only stood solid on his spot playing his keyboard that we hardly couldn’t hear. Warwick on harmonica wanted the crowd to howl in “Cowboy Song” which everyone did and then sang a long with him. In true Thin Lizzy spirit the show ended with “Boys Are Back In Town” which made everyone in the audience crazy and sang along on the top of their lungs. For one who has seen Thin Lizzy quite a lot before (Anders) Warwick did a brilliant job and I didn’t miss Sykes at all.






Set list


Are You Ready


Don’t Believe A Word

Killer On The Loose

Dancing In The Moonlight


Angel Of Death

Whiskey In The Jar




Black Rose

Cowboy Song/Boys Are Back In Town






Well what more to say than what a great show from Thin Lizzy. It was fun to see Downey on drums and with Warwick on board the band is sure going to experience a second coming. The band is currently working on a new album and we can’t wait to hear what they are cooking in the studio. The only negative thing is that the show was too short, 1:10 wasn’t enough, we wanted to hear and see more.

Thin Lizzy ended the Sommar Rock festival for us this year and it was as always a really pleasant experience to attend the festival. Great bands and a great atmosphere sure made the rain and the slightly cold weather a non-issue. The new and improved festival area was a hit and we hope that the festival is going to look the same next year. Altogether was the old record with 15600 people broken and this year visited 18000 people the festival.

A big thank you to the volunteers, the security, the medics and everyone who made the festival possible.


Thank you to the head of the festival Markus for help with press/photo passes.

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