SommarRock Festival 2012 with Bonafide,Hammerfall and Thin Lizzy at Friluftsbadet Svedala Sweden


SommarRock Festival 2012: Friday


Hammerfall was about to headline the Friday’s edition of the festival but we went to the festival a few hours earlier in order to get a closer look at the festival. We really liked the new festival area and hope that the festival is going to look the same next year as well when it comes to the stages and tents. The festival also have the potential to become even larger and grow in the future.






We were really impressed with the work the security did as well as all the volunteers that made the event work smooth like a clockwork. There were no fights, no drunken people, or accidents. But that maybe depends on that the visitors are of all ages and both parents and kids attend the festival together and everyone takes care of each other and that is really unusual on a festival. The old records regarding visitors was also beaten this year with 4600 people attending on Thursday compared to last year when 3100 came on the first day of the festival.

At 10.50 was it time for Hammerfall to enter the stage and the fans gave the band a warm welcome.



A huge crowd had gathered to see Hammerfall and the band made their way on to the stage to the tones of the intro of their latest album INFECTED.

The band was as always:

Joakim Cans – lead vocals

Oscar Dronjak – guitar

Anders Johansson – drums

Pontus Norgren – guitar

Fredrik Larsson  – bass

“Patient Zero” also taken from the 2011 album INFECTED began the show and then it was a line of old classic songs that continued the show. Pyro, flames and fires were lit of here and there during the show and it felt like the band had a really great time on stage from the very beginning of the show. “Heeding The Call” followed as well as “Any Means Necessary” and the crowd sang along with Cans during most of the songs. Everyone moved around on stage but Larsson who stood solid on his spot deliver bass riffs. Cans said that it was great to be in Svedala performing even though they weren’t supposed to be there from the start. He said that it felt really great that the audience had voted for them to come and play (Hammerfall have played at Summer Rock one time before) and dedicated the next song “Bang Your Head” to all the fans in Svedala. “Blood Bound” then followed and the crowd exploded and sang along from the top of their lungs. The lighting and sound worked in favor of Hammerfall and Cans said it was time to travel back in time to an album called GLORY TO THE BRAVE and the song “Steel Meets Steel”. The further on the show went, the more and more people started to leave the area which was funny but the band didn’t seem to mind and they continued the show with “Last Man Standing” in which Cans sang -Anders got an 12 inch penis- in one of the lines and that made both the band as well as the crowd burst out laughing. “Renegade”.





“The Dragon Lies Bleeding” and the crowd pleaser “Let The Hammer Fall” followed and it seemed like the fans really loved to see Hammerfall in action. Cans asked how many were seeing the band for the first time live and said that the hardcore fans had to help out the newcomers with singing in “Let The Hammer Fall”. The time began to ran out and the last song on the ordinary set list was “The Templar Flame” but as soon as the band had left the stage shouted the fans for more and of course came the band back on stage again to do some encores.

Cans said that the band did a clubtour in Sweden earlier this year and the show in Malmoe was the best one. The band is also celebrating 15 years in the business and is going to throw a huge show in an amphitheater in the north of Sweden. The show is going to contain guest performances and is going to be the biggest show in the bands history. Cans said that the band is going to take a break after the celebration show and they are going to return in 2014. “One More Time” and “Hearts On Fire” were the encores that closed the show and the members gathered in the middle of the stage to thank the fans. I’m sure that both the fans and the band were happy after having hearing 1:15 of great music.






Set list

Patient Zero

Heeding The Call

Any Means Necessary

Bang Your Head

Blood Bound

Steel Meets Steel

Last Man Standing


The Dragon Lies Bleeding

Let The Hammer Fall

The Templar Flame


One More Time

Hearts On Fire


Hammerfall did a great job as headline act and even though the stage show had been narrowed down the band had brought with them pyro, flames and fire. It felt like the audience was really happy with the show and the only thing that was left was to take the bus home to catch some sleep before it was time to one again go back to the final day of the festival to see Thin Lizzy.

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