SommarRock Festival 2012 with Bonafide,Hammerfall and Thin Lizzy at Friluftsbadet Svedala Sweden


SommarRock Festival 2012: Thursday

During the first day we went to the festival in order to see Bonafide on the XL stage and our only hope was that there weren’t going to be any rain. When we arrived to the gates there was an enormous line to the ticketstand but we got into the festival pretty fast because of our media-passes and we strolled into the area with a lot of other eager festival visitors. Bonafide must be one of the hardest working rockbands in the world at the moment and the guys either do shows or recording albums. And now in await of the release of their third album is the band out doing festival shows.



“Dirt Bound” kicked off the show and its taken from the second album SOMETHING’S DRIPPING. Their singer, Snibb, said hello to the crowd that had gathered in front of the stage and Fassberg looked cool in his sunglasses. “Down” followed and all of the three frontmen did their best to get the crowd going and the audience seemed to be liking what they saw and heard.

Band members:

Pontus Snibb – lead vocals, guitar

Mikael Fassberg – guitar

Niklas Matsson – drums

Martin Ekelund – bass

Snibb took out a bottle from behind him and toasted with the fans and said that when the band performed at Sweden Rock earlier this summer they weren’t allowed to put up their brand new backdrop and pointed on the new backdrop that hung behind Matsson and asked if we thought it looked good. “No Doubt About It” followed and once again we were stroked by the fact how similar  Bonafide’s music is with AC/DC’s or Status Que. There’s no doubt where the band finds their musical influences. “Hard Living Man”, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Doing The Pretty” followed and the sound worked really well and was crystal clear. It’s worth noticing Fassbergs skills on guitar and he is sure the best guitarist in the band. The new bass player Ekelund did a good job but with his look and appearance he would fit better in a glam/sleaze act and not a boogie rock band, however he did a great job and that’s what counts.





“Doing The Pretty” was taken from the bands upcoming album titled REBEL MACHINE and the fans loved the new song. It sounded like a typical Bonafide tune but it’s hard to judge a song after only one listening. Then was it time for a song taken from the 2010 EP called FILL YOUR HEAD WITH ROCK (OLD, NEW, TRIED AND TRUE) and it was the Humble Pie song “I Don’t Need A Doctor” which the band followed up straight away with “Butter You Up”. The two new members did a great job and the band sounded as solid and as tight as ever and it was easy to hear that the new members are really good at handling their instruments. Then it was time for a new song and it was “Rebel Machine” that Snibb introduced. Snibb moved across and around the stage during the entire show and at one point he also jumped down in the audience and walked around playing his guitar in the middle of the crowd.




“Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock n Roll)” followed and the two last songs were “Night Time” and “Fill Your Head With Rock” that had been chosen as the best song during 2011 by Classic Rock Magazine. The band took over the chorus in the middle of the song and it was the perfect way to end the show with this song. The song is kind of the trade mark song for Bonafide. That song also ended the 55 minute long show and the band headed of the stage after having thanked the fans.


Set list

Dirt Bound


No Doubt About It

Hard Living Man

Can’t Get Through

Doing The Pretty

I Don’t Need A Doctor

Butter You Up

Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock n Roll

Night Time

Fill Your Head With Rock

Bonafide delivered a strong show and the set list was perfect containing both older as well as brand new songs. You know what you’re going to get when you visit a Bonafide show and just as always were we content when we left the festival with the bands boogie rock ringing in our ears.

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