IN THIS MOMENT – Lead Guitarist Chris Howarth

Interview In This Moment

with Lead Guitarist Chris Howarth

Interview by Katherine Tullett

Hey and thanks for doing this interview!

Chris- hello, thanks for having us!

How exciting or daunting has it been in the run up to the album?

Chris- is been a lot of both, we have worked our asses off to make this album and get our band together, but it’s our best album to date and we are really excited for people to her what we created!


Is it a relief now that the album is out?

Chris- yes exactly! Now we jut have to sell it to everyone, but that’s the fun part, the anticipation of release is so daunting its nice to finally have it out so people can hear it.

Did the run up to the album cause any big stress or fallouts or were you loving working together and the anticipation?


Chris- once we started working in the studio things started going our way, it was all meant to be, we have high hopes and everything fell into place as it should, the stress was minimal.

What kind of reception has the album had so far and was it received in the way you thought it would be?

Chris- it’s been received so great!

We know it’s a great album and we know it’s good songs so we were expecting a great response and we got it, the people who don’t like it look odd because so many people are backing it.

We are stoked!

How does the album differ or follow on from your previous work?

Chris- the new album is a lot like our old stuff in the way that it still Maria’s vocals and still heavy songs and music but we pushed all the boundaries with the production and technology aspect, we took more chances this time and it was stripped down to me and Maria and kevin Churko doing all the writing, we also worked on one song at a time instead of doing every song all at once.

Is the upcoming tour a reflection of the album and how do you think it willplay and be received live?

Chris- we are on the Uproar tour and it’s the perfect situation for us to get our songs out to a new audience.

Any plans to broaden the tour over seas?

Chris- no plans yet but we would love to play anywhere that we are wanted.

Has there been any writing already for new material?

Chris- no our new album just came out a week ago, this is our focus for now.

Was it fun getting to write with Tom and Randy as they only joined in 2011, when you started writing?

Chris- tom and randy joined the band in 2012 and the album was already written and recorded, but it’s fun jamming with them live.

Will you be bringing any of the theatrics from the album cover and music video to your stage show?

Chris- yes and we are bringing everything to the table this time our stage show has stepped up 100%

Has your time on Century media been a success/a pleasant experience?

Chris- yes we love them, they have been our family for our entire career so far, nothing but support from CM

How do you feel about playing your newest material amongst the likes of Godsmack, KoRn, Five Finger Death Punch, P.O.D. etc on Shiprocked? And again on Uproar with Godsmack, Staind and Papa Roach?


Chris- we feel great about it! Our new songs are a perfect fit for all those bands, we can play with any band and hold our own.

Any other news you’d like to share with our readers?


Chris- go buy Blood!!! 





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