SOULFLY & FEAR FACTORY @ Coliseo Roberto Clemente, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Soulfly & Fear Factory 

@ Coliseo Roberto Clemente, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Saturday August 18th 2012

Review & Photography by Fran Jaume

This was a concert full of non-stop adrenaline, brutal as hell, with a bitter sweet agony! This day was expected by many who wanted an insane dose of metal, with an extraordinary outburst from fans who have waited for this for a long time.

Death Arrangement was one of the local bands that opened for Soulfly & Fear Factory tonight. This metal band from Puerto Rico, is characterized by their sound which draws influence from Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and Progressive Rock.


The lineup is: Mrs. Legion – Vox, Mr. Dragon – Guitar, Mr. Kromm – Drums, Mr. Krusnik – Bass.

The band played their songs in a brutal way, with the killer voice of Mrs. Legion.


Death Arrangement gave the crowd a spectacular dose of pure Metal.


I must say the band didn’t disappoint at all. It was exciting, a brutal adrenaline-filled performance.


              1. A Simple Homicidal Aggression

              2. May he have mercy for I will kill you

              3. Lies

              4. Preposterous

              5. Bravo

              6. 4 pigsmen

Next up was Soulfly, and for me, their performance was the best of the night, their line-up of Max Cavalera – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Marc Rizzo – Lead Guitar, Tony Campos – Bass Guitar, David Kinkade – Drums.

Max had a lot of energy and gave to the crowd what they wanted. I really liked the way that they were enjoying everything to the fullest. Soulfly played a great set that included songs from their new album "Enslaved", such as World Scum, and was used as the opener for this show.

From that point on, the crowd were singing along and the mosh pit was frantic, which fascinated me. Mark Rizzo showed his mastery of the guitar, Tony Campos was brutal on bass guitar as always, David Kinkade impressed me with the way he played drums. I only have one word for it: Killer!


Soulfly played Sepultura covers such as Arise, Troops of Doom, Roots Bloody Roots and Refuse-Resist.


One of the greatest moments of their performance was when Max Cavalera’s son (Igor Jr.) entered the stage and sang "Rise of the Fallen" with the band. In the end, the fans had big smiles on their faces… That was an amazing performance!

Setlist : 

            1. World Scum

            2. Blood Fire War Hate

            3. Refuse-Resist

            4. Frontlines /American Steel

            5. Prophecy

            6. Back to the Primitive

            7. Seek N’ Strike

            8. Intervention

            9. Arise

          10. Troops of Doom

          11. Porrada /Drum Solo 

          12. Rise Of The Fallen

          13. Plata o Plomo

          14. Revengence

          15. Roots Bloody Roots

          16. Jump da fuck up / Eye for an Eye

The main event of the night was Fear Factory with Burton C. Bell – Lead Vocalist,  Dino Cazares – Lead Guitar, Matt DeVries – Bass Guitar & Mike Heller – Drums.

They started with the song "The Industrialist" (from the album by the same name). We were all looking forward for a great performance, which started late about 12:10 am. The show, the lighting and sound were excellent!


The atmosphere was one of pure Industrial Metal. Burton C. Bell gave his maximum to the fans, and  interacted with enthusiasm. The crowd enjoyed it despite the long wait. Mike Heller impressed me, he really is a machine at the double pedal drumming! Dino Cazares played awesome on guitar with great riffs and amazing solos.

Matt DeVries, moved on the stage from side to side with his bass guitar giving a good performance, with some technical problems which sometimes in live concerts are inevitable, but nothing stopped the presentation of Fear Factory. Well, the only thing that stopped them was when they were playing "Zero Signal", the production team turned the main lights on, leaving the show incomplete, it was clear the dismay of the members of Fear Factory. 


Burton C. Bell said goodbye to the public and left the stage with an incomplete set. They couldn’t play two songs to close the concert (Pisschrist and Replica), leaving a bad taste both to their fans and the press.

From my point of view was not the fault of the band, although the setlist was long.

Just to clarify, a referendum was scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 19, 2012 (the day after the concert), here in Puerto Rico, which was one of the reasons why this negative situation took place. Puerto Rico does not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages from 12:00 am until 9:00 pm due to referendum, so the production team decided to turn the main lights on and stop the show.

The production knew this event was going to happen and this could have been avoided. I hope they learned from these errors and that this will not happen again. I also didn’t like the action of the authorities, who did not show respect by not letting the concert finish!

… What a Shame!

Setlist :

              1. The Industrialist

              2. Shock

              3. Edge Crusher

              4. Smasher/Devourer

              5. Powershifter

              6. Fear Campaign

              7. Acres of Skin

              8. Linchpin

              9. Recharger

             10. New Messiah

             11. Martyr

             12. Demanufacture

             13. Self Bias Resistor

             14. Zero Signal

             15.* Pisschrist 16. *Replica (Both not played)




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