QUEENSRŸCHE Announce New Jersey Show

QUEENSRŸCHE have announced a new live show, on March 8th in Englewood, NJ, at the Bergen Performing Arts Center. Queensrÿche’s complete live itinerary and ticket info can be found here.


Queensrÿche – featuring new singer Todd La Torre, guitarist Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson, drummer Scott Rockenfield and guitarist Parker Lundgren – were interviewed at their official live debut at the Halfway Jam 2012 in Royalton, Minnesota on July 28th. Check out the 18-minute chat below:

In a new Q&A interview with Christa Titus from Billboard.com, Scott Rockenfield, guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson discuss working on demos for their next album and different aspects of the lawsuit against former singer Geoff Tate. Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Billboard.com: What progress are you making with the demos you’re doing?

Rockenfield: “It’s going well. We’ve been writing for the last couple months. It’s all so fresh to us, even just our relationship with Todd being in the band. It’s kind of a whirlwind. I think our heads every day are kind of spinning with everything that we’re dealing with. Some of it’s good and some of it’s bad that you gotta deal with, and you know all the stuff that we’re going through.”

Wilton: “Each one of us has hard drives full of material that was never used for whatever reasons . . . We all wanna write these songs together. We all want to be in the room, use the best ability of everybody and make these songs a band signature, [where] we play it before we burn it on a computer. You gotta play it together. We wanna bring that essence back like we used to do in Scott’s basement that we used to call the Dungeon (where the band rehearsed in its early days). That’s where the magic happens.”

Jackson: “It also prepares yourself even more so for right before you start recording these songs.”

Rockenfield: “What we’re going to try to do is get back to our face-to-face interactive roots and write songs and pull from our history, and look what we are excited about and do that. The cool thing is, Todd, joining and doing this with us now, is helping us do that, because he’s excited about that direction and likes do that as well. The plan is, soon enough down the road, we’ll be able to give some news about what’s happening, get in the studio in the next coming months. We don’t have any timeline for that yet, but that’s the plan [to] be able to go out and support some of that next year.”

Billboard.com: What is it like doing this without Geoff’s involvement?

Rockenfield: “We just do it in a different way. We’re working with different people. One, being with Todd. We’re working and writing songs with him and he brings a whole creative and musical talent to the band that we didn’t have before. I’m not (it’s) saying good, bad or indifferent, but he’s interesting. He’s a drummer for 25 years and actually really good at it, so it’s interesting for me, because he sits in when we’re rehearsing and every time I go take a pee, he jumps on my drum kit and starts playing stuff I can’t figure out. And he sings while he’s doing it . . . and Parker, this is the most we’ve been involved with Parker as well and that’s turning out to be a really great thing. His enthusiasm and his dedication and his willingness to learn and become part of what Queensrÿche is, is really working out great.”

Billboard.com: Clearly, as expressed by all the commentary online, there are a lot of fans that support you, but there are also fans who feel there is no way you can go on without Geoff.

Rockenfield: “We can’t go out and try to convince the fans. The only way we can do that or to show them what is available for them as Queensrÿche, we’re just gonna go out and do it and they can come out and experience what we’re gonna do. Our fans have been family. There’s a lot of people in our camp for 30 years that have been with us for a long time and we’re quite close to a lot of them, and it is affecting them, once again, kind of like a divorce, where they don’t know what to do. They don’t know what side to take. It hasn’t been the easiest thing. But there’s a lot of them that have been understanding of it and they get it, and they’re gonna make a decision about what they wanna do or how they wanna judge their opinion based upon their own personal thing, and that’s totally cool.”

Read more Billboard.com.

Queensrÿche is joining the March 16-20, 2013, Monsters of Rock II cruise, and will perform one-off dates like Lincoln City, Ore.’s Chinook Winds Casino October 19-20 and Hollywood’s House of Blues on November 24. The band also plans the Return to History tour in 2013 that it hopes to take worldwide.

Geoff Tate also seems to be planning to perform under the Queensrÿche name. He’s listed on the website for booking agency Monterey International as Queensrÿche Starring Geoff Tate: The Original Voice, but a band lineup isn’t listed. Dates are posted at Pollstar.com for him to play such dates as ALICE COOPER’s tour in November.




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