Dragony – Legends

Reviewed: September 2012
Released: 2012, Limb Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

While Limb Records may not be as prolific as 10 years go they are still one of my favourite Metal record labels. While some of the bigger Metal labels pander to trends and follow the buck, Limb has always had this uncanny knack of signing pure quality bands from deep in the underground. Dragony is the latest signing to the limb label. This Austrian sextet was formed back in 2007 and released one independent album. That same album, LEGENDS, was picked up by Limb and with Limb’s recent North American distribution deal this gem of an album should reach a wider audience.

Like the vast majority of Limb bands, Dragony is firmly in the Melodic Power Metal class. They could use a bit more work on the presentation. The album cover is non-descript (just a book) that has been done many times before. The album title isn’t super-inspired both Crystal Viper and Steel Warrior (among several others) have an albums called LEGENDS. Even the Dragon-esque band name might drive some cynics and critics away as there are dozens of ‘Dragon-something’ bands but for this style it is still way better than the mallcore band names. At least Dragony evokes deep symbolism and metallic imagery.

Sonically speaking LEGENDS runs just under an hour and has 10 classic Euro Metal cuts. The band takes from the very parts of their forefathers Helloween, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call and Primal Fear. He has a clear and expressive voice. At times he is backed up by choral vocals adding even more layers. In fact the singer, Samer sounds a bit like Ralf Scheeper in parts. The bands song-writing and performance quality are very high. They use some keyboards, acoustic piano, bells and sound effects and some orchestration, to accentuate the strong traditional Metal songs. The pace of the album is very quick but the band is wise enough to forsake speed at times to add more depth to them music. Standout tracks are ‘The Ride, coming late in the album and the very Helloween-like ‘Land Of Broken Dreams’.

The band have dubbed themselves ‘Glory Metal’ which is pretty good description, especially with the bouncy beats, happy riffs and big sing-along choruses. Yes, the band is happy and there is nothing wrong with that. LEGENDS is a very strong debut and one that will be of interest to pretty much all Power Metal fans.


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Track Listing:
1. Of Legends…
2. Burning Skies
3. Land of Broken Dreams
4. Dragonslayer
5. Wings of the Night
6. Vaults of Heaven
7. The Longest Night
8. Hero\’s Return
9. The Ride
10. Alcador
11. Sparta (Bonus track)

Siegfried Samer Vocals
Georg Lorenz Keyboards
Daniel Stockinger Guitar
Andreas Poppernitsch Guitar
Herbert Glos Bass
Frederic Brünner Drums
Herbert Glos Bass