Black Magician – Nature Is The Devil\’s Church

Reviewed: September 2012
Released: 2012, Shaman Recordings
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I love hearing an album, not knowing the band or what genre they are and wait to be either amazed or just disappointed, and I have to say I certainly wasn’t disappointed here.

The album starts with a beautiful intro track called ‘The Foolish Fire’ which is less than a minute long and is just a simple piano piece by the very talented Jay Plested, and I loved this track so much I must have played it like 8 times before moving onto the others. It was track 2. ‘Full Plain I See, The Devil Knows How To Row’ that clearly shows the genre of this band…DOOM..and Hard Heavy Metal!

What an amazing beginning to an album and it just gets better! I loved this band instantly; with every track bringing something new, making this one incredible album. The album has an old classic feel to it, like metal from the 70’s/80’s but the band does confess in their bio that they are influenced by the late 60s British folk scene as by the old guard of Heavy Metal and Doom, but ensure there’s no hippy-drippy philosophising here! The album sounds very much like early Cathedral to be honest.

Track 4 ‘Ghost Worship’ is an acoustic track, which is played beautifully with the organ playing and birds singing in the background, breaking up the album nicely before it ends on a heavier note with the last track 5. ‘Chattox’. The album does only have 5 tracks in total, but seeing as they are longer than 10minutes with the ending track being 15minutes long you really don’t notice.

Black Magician really do distance themselves from the current trend for pseudo-occult rehashed doom posturing and clichéd horror film imagery. The band are much more sincere, with a genuine fascination with the darker side of British history. The album has amazing monolithic riffs, as well as featuring an organ and dark acoustic sounds throughout, giving the final sound a grim incantation with a very English darkness to it.

I love the deep, heavy metal vocals of Liam Yates who commented on the album saying…
“Thus marks the inauguration of the Black Magician. Five hymns of mystical Doom metal and folk conceived from intense study of the bleak annals of English history and folklore, and meditation on old heavy metal, prog and folk. Inscribed in the heart of Lancashire at Full Stack Studios, surrounded by dark satanic mills, in view of witch-haunted Pendle Hill, with Matt Richardson at the helm. ‘Nature is The Devils Church‘ is an ode to brigands, boggarts, witchcraft and the dark British psyche. All hail!”

I may have connected to this album being British myself, but I can assure you that you don’t have to come from the UK to appreciate this band!

For fans of Doom and Heavy Metal…check these guys out!

Review by Jo Blackened


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Track Listing:
1. The Foolish Fire
2. Full Plain I See, The Devil Knows How To Row
3. Four Thieves Vinegar
4. Ghost Worship
5. Chattox

Liam Yates – Vocals
Kyle Roy Nesbitt – Guitar, Piano
Jay Plested – Drums
Matt Ford – Organ
John McNulty – Bass Guitar




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