Autopsy – All Tomorrow’s Funerals

Reviewed: September 2012
Released: 2012, Peaceville
Rating: 3.3/5
Reviewer: UK Team

If you don’t know or own anything by Autopsy, are you sure you’re even into extreme metal? These Floridian legends erupted into the death metal scene at pretty much the same time as their bastard swamp brothers OBITUARY, but have somehow stayed more ‘underground’ and ‘cVlt’ than the Obies (or pretty much anyone else for that matter!).

I’m fairly certain that this is the first of two ‘collections’ from these festering death-mongers, and if you don’t already have their extensive back catalogue of EP’s – then this is a bloody good place to jump on board this rotting ship. Slightly confusingly, the album runs in a confusing ‘latest to earliest’ chronological format, which may well cause ‘newbies’ to scratch their decomposing heads. Hence the first 4 tracks (and a ripping re-recording of “Mauled To Death”) are exactly what you would expect, hateful, pustulent, vomit-blowing chunks of face ripping classic Autopsy … well what else did you expect?

So as I say, compiling the 4 new songs with whole EP’s or tracks from “The Tomb Within”, “Fiend For Blood”, “Retribution From The Dead”, “Horrific Obsession”. Yes, the songs have been digitally re-mastered, BUT do not expect to hear any polish or anything ‘clean’, the band sound exactly as horrific and disgusting as ever … except … just a little bit more so! It’s easy to forget just how classic this band is, and somehow amongst some of their compatriots they almost seem overlooked, but fear not, this shuddering, eroding, bowel loosening 22 track of cadaveric butchery should enchant the old yet massively appeal to the gore thirsty novitiate too!

Review by: Satanic Muttley


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Track Listing:
1. All Tomorrow’s Funerals
2. Broken People
3. Mauled To Death
4. Maggot Holes
5. The Tomb Within
6. My Corpse Shall Rise
7. Seven Skulls
8. Human Genocide
9. Mutant Village
10. Horrific Obsession
11. Feast Of The Graveworm
12. Funereality
13. Fiend For Blood
14. Keeper Of Decay
15. Squeal Like A Pig
16. Ravenous Freaks
17. A Different Kind Of Mindfuck
18. Dead Hole
19. Retribution For The Dead
20. Destined To Fester
21. In The Grip Of Winter
22. Sign Of The Corpse

Chris Reifart (drums/vocals)
Danny Coralles (guitars)
Eric Cutler (bass guitars)
Joe Trevisano (drums)




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