Noctis V: Interviews with ANCIENTS, GRAND MAGUS, SCYTHIA, etc

NOCTIS V Interviews Part 4:

Dave Khan – vocalist / guitarist for Scythia


When did you first hear about Noctis Valkyries Festival?

Been hearing about it for a while from bands in the Calgary scene.  Probably mid-2011.

What made you want to decide to come to this festival?

We were invited to play by the organizer.  It is definitely a great career move for a local band to play with the pros especially bands like Venom and Agalloch!

Which bands are you most excited to see at NV?

Grand Magus, Venom, Agalloch and Manila Road.

Are planning to attend or participate in the industry conference?

If we get there in time, we’ve got a gig in BC the night before plus we are on tour so unfortunately there’s a bit of a time constraint.

How has the new EP been received?

I’d say the reception has been good.  Most reviewers dig the production and the direction we are taking the songs.  Some guys have given us a bit of flack for including some old tracks that were reworked.  Our recommendation is to take this EP as a stand alone and don’t judge it because it isn’t 100% new material.

Who handled the cover art? Tell us a bit about it!

Mika Harju.  I found him on Deviant Art when I was browsing for artists that could handle drawing bad-ass warriors in more of a traditional fantasy style.  He had done album work for a band Kiuas that we like so that was a selling point. 

The album art was basically us paying homage to the painting that inspired the band (the notorious bear cavalry painting)

After half a decade of hard work do you feel the band has reached a new level of popularity and/or exposure?

Yes, for almost 4 years of work we’ve definitely done quite a bit.  There hasn’t really been any lulls, at least on our end.  At this point, we feel that we need a little more exposure to the right people in order to get on bigger bills and start touring outside of Canada.  But I mean already our following is definitely a global demographic.  We get fans from the US, Brazil, Russia, Serbia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Mexico and India that interact with us.  I handle the shipping of CDs and it’s a great feeling to go to the post office with mail being shipped out to many different places.

What part of your upcoming show in Calgary are you most anticipating? 

It’s going to be one great metal party.  I am speculating that the vibe will be awesome and the energy will be running high with the concentration of metallers at the Mac Hall Ballroom.


More interviews to come!



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