Muddy Waters / The Rolling Stones – Live At The Checkerboard Lounge (DVD)

Muddy Waters / The Rolling Stones

Live At The Checkerboard Lounge (DVD)

2012, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

The Checkerboard Lounge is a small club in Chicago that is owned by Blues great Buddy Guy. Back in 1981 a few members of The Rolling Stones (Keith, Mick, Ronnie and Ian) dropped by while in the midst of their massive world tour to see one of their idols perform. This DVD is of that show when they ended up on stage with Waters at various times throughout his set along with Buddy himself.

The video quality isn’t the best but the show itself makes up for that. This Muddy Waters performance is your typical club show with a small stage and a crowd of people sitting at tables. The difference here is that a few famous people are in the audience and end up on stage performing with Waters throughout the evening. Jagger comes up to sing a few times while Keith and Ronnie spend about half the set on the stage as part of the backing band. As you might expect it is when Richards takes to the stage that the DVD really gets interesting. Keith seems to really be in his element here just playing old Blues numbers. It just comes off as so natural to him especially in this type of setting as compared to a massive stage in front of ten’s of thousands of people. Buddy Guy himself joins the overcrowded stage for an incredible version of “Champagne & Reefer” at the end of the show. This is quite possibly the highlight of the DVD.

Truly an amazing night that was lucky enough to be captured on video for all to enjoy. It is too bad that it wasn’t better quality but we do get some fantastic music from some of the world’s greatest musician’s.