Pink Floyd – The Story Of Wish You Were Here (DVD)

Pink Floyd

The Story Of Wish You Were Here (DVD)

2012, Eagle Vision

Rating: 5/5

WISH YOU WERE HERE is one of Pink Floyd’s most highly regarded releases. It is the follow-up to the infamous DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and the predecessor to ANIMALS. With the pressure of DSOTM the band had no choice but to deliver something phenomenal. Some fans say that this is their finest moment while others choose DSOTM or ANIMALS. You cannot go wrong with either as all 3 are fantastic albums.

This DVD is done in a similar style as the CLASSIC ALBUM series from a few years back in that it gives the viewer an inside look at how the album came to be. THE STORY OF WISH YOU WERE HERE is no different and we the viewer get a small glimpse into the mid 70’s Pink Floyd world. From still photographs of the recording sessions to interview clips with Waters, Gilmour and Mason. Even the cover designer and back-up singers give a little insight from their contributions to the project. Hearing the story of Syd showing up at the studio and his influence on the band as a whole was particularly interesting and one of the highlights of the documentary. Being a Floyd fan you will appreciate all the little details that went into this release and into the album.

A must see for all fans of Pink Floyd and especially those of this album. It is one of those documentaries that gives you every angle possible on the subject. A well done DVD that will be enjoyed by many.