Metal Hammer features The Commander-In-Chief as 1 of 10 modern guitar Gods

In the September issue of Metal Hammer UK, they feature “The new wave of shred. 10 guitarists who are setting the world on fire”. The feature says: “Meet the modern Guitar Gods raising the bar for incredible six-string (and seven- and eight-string) intensity in Heavy Metal”. Among the ten guitarists featured are The Commander-In-Chief, Alexi Laiho, Tosin Abasi and Richie Faulkner. About The Commander-In-Chief, they say: “The Commander-In-Chief is a seven-string-wielding Norwegian uber-shredder who has made it her mission in life to prove that shredding at blistering speeds is not just a male phenomenon. Her recent cover of Black Sabbath classic Paranoid won her legions of fans around the world with its fretboard-burning intensity and operativ vocals.”

The Commander made her sensational festival debut on August 10th at Bloodstock Open Air. She packed the tent with a huge crowd, despite being the first act on Friday morning at the Sophie Lancaster stage.

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