Duran Duran – A Diamond In The Mind: Live 2011 (Blu-Ray)

Duran Duran

A Diamond In The Mind: Live 2011 (Blu-Ray)

2012, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5


Duran Duran were undeniably one of the biggest bands in the 80’s. Now here we are 20+ years later and while they may not be topping the charts with their albums they still pack arenas and stadiums wherever they go. This live concert filmed last year is a testament to that and shows that there are still thousands of Duran Duran fans around the globe.

This live Blu-Ray looks and sounds amazing. The picture is clear and the mix is very well done. Very enjoyable to watch and listen to. They do a good mixture of old and new songs so there is something for everyone. The only blatant omission is “Girls On Film”. It would have been enjoyable to see them perform this 80’s classic along side of the other from this era. Rhodes, Taylor and LeBon still put on a tremendous stage show with massive lights and production. This release captures it as well as it can be on video. While the band are still performing well and sound great they have chosen to change around some of the songs a bit too much and make them more poppy and in some cases more dance orientated. Duran Duran are a great band when they chose to be but when they get into the heavy computer generated music they lose that certain something. They have always had that modern edge to them but used it to their advantage now they make themselves sound generic at best. They need to get away from the dance oriented, computer generated pop and go back to being a ‘Real’ band again. They did it in the early days and again with the self titled (Wedding) album in the early 90’s so they can do it.

An enjoyable concert release for anyone that listened to Duran Duran growing up and especially for the hardcore fans.