Almah singer Edu Falaschi comments on his past and future career


Brazilian singer, composer and producer Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra) in a recent interview to Russian webzine Headbanger revealed several details about his past and future career in Angra and Almah, work as a music producer, current metal scene in Brazil and Metal Open Air Festival. It’s the first international interview available in English where the singer honestly explains his voice problems of the last year and tells about the treatment:

“The problem wasn’t with my vocal chords, I had a reflux problem. It’s something that happens in your stomach – when you start eating things that are not so good, like Coca Cola or coffee, your acid starts becoming bigger and bigger and then you feel the acid going up into your vocal chords. Formally I didn’t have any problem with my vocal chords, my vocal chords were OK, but I had a high level of acid so often that I needed a break. I started singing very bad, and I didn’t know why. When I would go to doctors, they would say I was fine, they didn’t see any problem with my vocal chords. It was only a few years later when I found out that the problem was with the acid. Then I started getting treatment, and my voice started to become better and better. Nowadays my voice is OK, and this is very nice.

I have taken nearly five months of treatment, I have taken medicines and visited many doctors, and nowadays I can sing normally. But am I going to take high notes again and risk ruining my voice? No. As Ronnie James Dio said once, “You need to find a way that you can sing forever”. He was a very wise man, he didn’t use high notes all the time, what he did was singing in a comfortable way and a metal way. That’s the point for me. I want to go in this kind of direction with my singing – more natural to my kind of voice, within a more comfortable range. That’s why I decided to sing this way most of the time from now on. Of course, I can sing high notes, I can perfectly sing high notes, but it will happen only sometimes, when I need to sing old songs at concerts”.

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