W:O:A 2013 – Run for tickets is still unbroken

Hello Metalheads,

The W:O:A 2013 presale runs on high speed so this week provide you with the next update regarding the current ticket sale.

Further we present the a real unique special of ex-Nightwish vocalist Tarja and Pledge Music as well as news from the Hamburg Metal Dayz.

Further issues: The new “Live at Wacken 2011” DVD, W:O:A video spcials on WackenTube, streams and TV-broadcasts on ZDFkultur & NDR.de as well as the donation for the metalhead who sadly deceased during the last Wacken Open Air.

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W:O:A 2013 – Run for tickets is still unbroken

The presale for the 24th edition of Wacken Open Air, which will occur from the 1st to 3rd of August 2013 is taking up more and more speed! After the big run for the X-Mas tickets and normal 3-Day-All-In tickets after the presale start on Monday, the demand for tickets in the second is still unbroken.

By now we can confirm that 35000 Tickets are already sold – That´s a new record high!

Herewith we want to say thank you again to all metalheads for their great support and loyalty for all the years!
And also in the next year we will present a great festival with lots of surprises and top-acts!

With bands like Deep Purple, Anthrax, Sabaton, Nightwish, Doro (30th Anniversary Show), Arch Enemy, Lingua Mortis Feat. Rage, Subway To Sally and Amorphis (plus special Acoustic Show) we have already given you a good taste of what´s awaiting you in the next amazing line-up. Further band highlights are coming soon!

The coveted original Wacken tickets are available only at www.metaltix.com or via telephone at the following number: +49 (0) 4627- 18 3838.

We want to ask you to not use Ebay, Seatwave, Viagogo and others to stop dealing with tickets! Due to the personalization we have implemented this year for the first time, the resale is definitely forbidden and will be tracked with legal actions. With this action we want to make sure that YOU – the fans – will get the tickets but not any kind of hustlers.

Detailed info about personalization can be found under FAQ´s personalization.

In metal we trust – see you in Wacken – rain or shine!

W:O:A Team

Hamburg Metal Dayz – The heaviest event at the Reeperbahn Festival

Just one month is left until the 1st Hamburg Metal Dayz will open its doors as part of the “Reeperbahn Festival”.

From Sept 20th-22nd, you will get the full experience of Metal at the Markthalle Hamburg: Three days of concerts, workshops, signing sessions, expert roundtables, meet & greets, exhibitions and more!

Fans from all kinds of metal will get music of their personal taste: On Thursday´s “Progression Day” bands of the modern and heavy side of Metal like Heaven Shall Burn, Callejon and Neara will blow the audience away. On Friday we will proceed with rock and metal acts like Saxon, Audrey Horne and Dezperadoz. On Saturday bands like Doro, Betontod and Endstille will rock the audience with their performaces.

The complete line-up can be found HERE.

One day tickets will each cost 23€- There is also a limited amount of 2-Day tickets (Fr/Sa) for 39,50€ and 3-Day tickets (Thursday-Saturday) for 52,70€ available.

But the Metal Dayz are not only interesting for fans: Especially musicians and newcomer bands will get answers for questions like „Career aspirations & working in the music business“, „The future of Metal“ and „How to push your own band through the panels and roundtable discussions.

The Metal Dayz will occur in the Markthalle which belongs to the most important concert venues of the city and offeres several rooms for the many shows and activities at the Hamburg Metal Dayz. The Markthalle is located close to the main station.

All tickets are available at www.metaltix.com oder +49 (0) 4627 – 18 38 0.

Hamburg Metal Dayz
presented by Wacken Open Air und Reeperbahn Festival in cooperation with Hamburg Konzerte, Kingstar Music, Impericon, iM1, Wacken Foundation und ICS Festival Service 20.-22. September 2012
Markthalle, Hamburg Do-Fr ab 17 Uhr, Sa ab 15 Uhr.

TARJA – ACT I Special on Pledge Music

ACT I in special elaborated fan packages
Donation of profits will go to Wacken Foundation
First taste of ACT I for free at Wackentube!

Tarja will release her first solo live audio and video product in her rock outfit. Via Pledge fans can purchase a very special and limited 80 and more pages photobook (including 3 – ! – DVDs and 2 CDs), a rare and limited vinyl version of the product plus many personalized Tarja gimmicks and clothing items.
The live recordings and filmings of ACT I took place in Argentina and the photobook (also referred to as “mediabook”) features one full exclusive concert which cannot be purchased anywhere else than in this mediabook. A first taste of the live product is for free! Wackentube will feature a trailer which will show you a lot what the fan package will look like. Please check HERE for an astonishing look at ACT I. So worth checking it!

ATTENTION: The Pledge-campaign will end this Sunday, August 19th, thus the fan packages can only be ordered until then. So hurry up to save your version of ACT I!

No other voice and artist influenced and basically created the female fronted symphonic metal genre more than Tarja Turunen. A pioneer in Goth-, Opera and Symphonic Metal, the classically trained Finn rose to fame with the metal outfit Nightwish, whose face and voice she was for 9 years. Releasing two very successful solo albums (2007 and 2010) afterwards, awarded gold and Platinum in many countries, Tarja Turunen toured the world with her new band, including Wacken Open Air.

The last roadtrip ended in South America, where Tarja filmed and recorded ACT I. The main content was filmed and recorded this March in Rosario, Argentina, in a beautiful theatre setting. The video-products include plenty of extras – video and photo material. Besides the Pledge products, a 2CD is available in regular retail just as well as a 2DVD and Blu-Ray version.

ACT I delivers the most intense, the most personal and most intimate Tarja performances and footage so far. The artist herself admits, she “was many times ready to burst into tears.”” With the elaborate packaging, tracklisting and its extras, ACT I provides the full-fledged bill of fare to either Tarja fan. Two brand new Tarja songs will be featured on the album, one of them is the first single out of ACT I, “Into The Sun”, which can already be purchased digitally. The remaining tracklisting consists of Tarja’s greatest solo tracks, many Nightwish classics as well as some cover versions, such as “Phantom of the Opera” or marvellous Gary Moore’s “Over The Hills and Far Away” – or to make it short: a unique blend of music selection.

ACT I, as the title already suggests, is the vanguard in a sequence of live products. A successor live product is planned at a yet to be determined point of time.
While releasing ACT I, Tarja is already working on her next solo studio album.

Fans should not miss the opportunity to purchase the limited and rare TARJA fan packages on Pledge. More info can be found here: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/tarjaact1

TARJA decided to donate a share of the income out of this product to the WACKEN FOUNDATION. A great product and the foundation (dedicated to the advancement of young artists) team up for a good cause!!!

At www.tarja-act1.com fans receive first insight on the product, Tarja frequently communicates with her fans and updates her followers on the process in the Pledge campaign, the live product, etc.

Live at Wacken 2011 – Entered german “Media Control” music DVD charts on place No 2!

The new DVD Package “Live at Wacken 2011” (also available as Blue Ray/Double CD) which is available since W:O:A 2012 entered the German “Media Control” Charts on #2 after the first week of it´s release!

Herewith we want to give a big thank you to all fans!

All info about the current release can be found HERE

W:O:A Streams and TV broadcasts on ZDFkultur and NDR.de

Also this year NDR.de ZDFkultur supported the media world with live broadcasts, interviews and backstage material from Wacken Open Air.

On ZDFkultur you can see daily new live highlights from this years festival (f.e. today with Dimmu Borgir & Orchestra) as well as several interviews with artists and backstage reports.

Detailed broadcasting dates can be found HERE

Further NDR.de has also tons of new material of intervies (f.e. with Doro), live streams and much more.

All info at NDR.de

The Metal-Community takes leave of Michael-Andreas Haringer

Due to a tragic accident Michael-Andreas Haringer died on the 4th of August at the Wacken Open Air.
All of us – Community and W:O:A team can´t believe this disaster and with our thoughts we join family and friends of the deceased metalhead.

A lot of mails and phone calls asking how to help the family have reached us until now.
Friends of Michael have set up a bank account for donations. A part of the donations will be paid for the grave and funeral. All surplus will go to the crisis intervention team.

Everyone who wants to donate can do it at this bank account:

Account details:
Jürgen Seeburger
Account number: 202566745
Bank routing code: 71061009
Bank establishement: VR-Meine Raiffeisenbank
Key word: Michael Haringer

We hope that this helps and we thank everybody for their support.

In silent mourning,
The W:O:A Community & W:O:A team

W:O:A Video-Specials on WackenTube

For all of those who were not at Wacken in this year we have collected a lot of nice wacken 2012 videos on WackenTube.

For example the Best Impressions Trailer, the Relentless at Wacken Trailer, the Service and Quality Team Trailer
or the Aircam records

It´s worth it!



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