Metal Media: Celebrating 4 years with free compilation for download

Celebrating four years, Metal Media, communication company dedicated to spread Brazilian Metal names, releases for free download the compilation ‘Brazilian Xtreme Way MMXII’. This is the second collection released, the first one (for the three years of Metal Media, 2011) has reached nearly 40,000 downloads, being released in several countries.

To explore this national identity, last year an Indian was used to illustrate the cover of the compilation. This year they’ve chosen Boitatá, a giant serpent of fire from the legends of Brazilian folklore: “The legend of Boitatá tells of a serpent of fire as the protector of the forests and animals, burning those who try to destroy them. Both the legend of Boitatá like all other Brazilian folklore prove that Brazil has a rich and vast treasure overlooked and undervalued, but that is part of our history”.

The work contains 37 tracks, one for each band that makes up the current roster of Metal Media. It is noteworthy that many of these songs are new and some have not even been released.

To learn more about the participating bands and download the material, was created a special hot site, which can be checked here:



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