REVOLTING’s Hymns of Ghastly Horror to be Released Sept 7th on FDA Rekotz

Hymns of Ghastly Horror is the fourth album from Swedish cult band REVOLTING and it is scheduled to arrive internationally September 7th on FDA Rekotz in CD and digital formats. The vinyl LP version will be released on November 16th. On the new album, REVOLTING offers the finest in classic, yet distinct Swedish Death Metal. Specifically, REVOLTING returns with an album most demonstrative of their knack for creating those unforgettable necro-melodies, crusty grooves, and unmitigated brute force that has defined their songwriting development to date. The nine tracks of Hymns of Ghastly Horror will enter through the auditory canals and lodge in the brain like tumors! A definite recommendation for fans of EDGE OF SANITY, DISMEMBER, and ENTRAILS.

Check out the promo clip for album track “The Mother of Darkness” at this location.

1. The Mother Of Darkness
2. Their Thoughts Can Kill
3. Ravenous Alien Spawn
4. The Black Queen
5. The Thing That C.H.U.D. Not Be (inst)
6. Psychoplasmics
7. Prey To Katahdin
8. Kinderfeeder
9. The Hatchet Murders



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