Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – Helsinki Finland June 27-29, 2012


Suicide Silence is one of the most popular names on the metalcore map. The raw metalcore style definitely appealed to the younger generation of metal and of course a bit older. The reception at Tuska was entirely overwhelming. The band’s raging performance caused the utter ballistic reaction amongst the Tuska audience go utter beserk. The kids were running around in the circle pit and spinning their heads. Suicide Silence’s brutal metalcore sounded merciless and grotesque. The frontman appeared to be a real relentless wildman encouraging the kids in the pit go utter insane and in general he was in the full energy of adrenaline on the stage whereas other SS guys remained focusing on the playing. Brutal for sure, not for everyone, especially not for those who do not enjoy extreme metalcore stuff.

The atmospheric metal from the north was the name of the game when The Man-Eating-Tree got on the stage. The band’s dismal and melancholic songs appealed to a few hundred people having crawled to testify TMET in action. The singer’s magical beautiful tune sounded great in the world of the melancholia of The Man-Eating-Tree which melodic songs made harmonic sleepy feelings.

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Skeletonwitch toured with Lamb Of God all around in Europe, but one band didn’t make to Tuska, but another one managed. The extremely hairy and beary frontmans’ image was closer reminiscent to a brutal caveman than a normal metal singer. However, Skeletonwitch thrashy stuff wasn’t convincing and sounded bit harsh and a bit messy, but instead the pure aggressive it was.

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Due to the unfortunate events regarding Lamb of God’s vocalist arrest, Overkill was asked to play earlier and was able to play a bit longer set than expected. And on their third visit to Finland, the legendary thrash band had a terrific performance. Starting off with the new “Come and Get It” and going through their back catalog with “Elimination”, “Hello From the Gutter”, “In Union We Stand”, the crowd just wanted more and more. The whole band was on fire and it seems that these last years have been one of the highlights in the band’s history. Hopefully in the future the band will be able to finally play here in their “own terms”.

Come and Get It

Bring Me the Night


It Lives

Electric Rattlesnake

Hello From the Gutter


Save Yourself


Old School

In Union We Stand

Wrecking Crew

Deny the Cross

Rotten to the Core

Fuck You

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When Lamb Of God were forced to pull out of Tuska because of the arrest hassling of the singer in Republic Czechia, Finntroll were recruited in the last minute to full up. Of course some attendees weren’t not pleased with the last minute booking, but the organization had no choice after all. The troll patrols did definitely a good show with the professional performance. The band played tight and the singer handled his job in a way he supposed to. Good performance for sure.

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Occult rock has become an amazingly popular during the past few years when Jex Thoth, The Devil’s Blood etc have started getting more and more success. Therefore it was just a matter of time when the first occult based rock bands will pop up in Finland. Jess And The Ancient Ones managed to get the debut album out some time ago and has been on headlines for good reasons. Maybe the band got the massive publicity and attention a bit too early as some things could be improved.  Well the occult rockers have definitely been influenced by the current leading names like The Devil’s Blood and Jex Thoth in a way on the stage. There was no communication between the audience, but instead the spelling magic mood and feeling what Jex thoth have was missing. Obviously the excessive waggling of the guitarist was kind of odd whereas other players remained stationary. However they band will get better gig by gig, but let’s see…

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When Ministry announced about pulling the plug, it could be guessed, Al jogenssen can’t start resting on his laurels  for that long. However the announcement of the return of Ministry was a matter of time as well as a new album.  If it was the farewell tour of Ministry – well who knows. Anyway Ministry headlined the last day of the whole fest and unleashed the utter sonic maelstrom. The frontman Al Jourgensen with several piercings in his face looked truly apocalyptic grim at the stage. The line-up of Ministry had undergone some changes as Tommy Victor and Tony Campos were not at present. Instead Mike Scaccia was the part of the line-up. As for the set list, the songs from the albums decidaed to the former US president George Bush, such as No W was heavy and fast as well. Instead the songs from the latest RELAPSE album wasn’t that convincing heavy. The core parts included the older material from the mighty PSALM 69 album like “N.W.O”, “Just One Fix” and finally “Thieves” off from the THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE album. Ministry should be witnessed in some club to have the more brutal and intensive atmosphere.

No W

Rio Grande Blood

Señor Peligro


99 Percenters

Watch Yourself

Life Is Good




The Last Sucker

Khyber Pass


Just One Fix


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Tuska Open Air was arranged in the new venue for the second time. Obviously the metal audience have been both for and against the area. To tell the truth, the current area doesn’t have the park feeling where people used to gather and have fun. Obviously the success wasn’t overwhelmingly huge even though thousands of people had arrived to witness several bands at the stage, as the event wasn’t sold-out. Of course, there are plenty of metal festivals all around in Finland, offering obscure bands. It is obvious the metal heads which used to hang at Tuska have abandoned Tuska. It is pretty much sure the organization of Tuska will and must come up a killer roster for the next year’s event. Until then……








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