Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – Helsinki Finland June 27-29, 2012


Death lives well in Finland when checking out these new bands such as Vorum. The primitive death metal sounded utter brutal and grotesque. With the hanging bones in the neck the guys of Vorum have become more grim looking metallers as years have passed by. The grim prevailed in the set as there was no communication between songs instead the four piece let the nailed the 30 minute set with the aggressive blasting set.


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As death metal lives well in Finland, so does Black Metal. The long time black metal horde Horna still keeps spreading the blasphemic hymns after all these years and line-up changes. Horna was as grim and brutal as they are supposed to be at Tuska. The band hasn’t given up any inch in their black metal approach within these years.




The grindcore legends Napalm Death are currently on tour promoting their fresh new record, “Utilitarian”, and once again they didn’t disappoint the crowd. At first it seemed a bit odd to see Napalm Death playing on such a big stage, but that didn’t take away the focus from their music. As expected, the band was able to play about 30 songs in their set, which included newer material as “Circumspect”,  “Everyday Pox”, “The Wolf I Feed”, “Quarantined” and their classic stuff: “Suffer the Children”, “Scum”, “You Suffer” and many others. It’s still impressive and excellent that a band playing this kind of music can keep going like this after almost 30 years.



Although Battle Beast is still “new”, there were a great number of fans anxious to see them live, a sign that power metal is still strong here in Finland. The gig itself was nothing special, the band performed well enough but it felt like déjà vu, especially thinking about the amount of power metal bands that have come over the past decade. The band closed their set with W.A.S.P.’s “Wild Child”.

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Over 15 years into their career and Sonata Arctica’s success here in Finland doesn’t seem to stop. The band recently released a new record, “Stones Grow Her Name”, and this gig in Tuska was one the first ones in this tour. Although Tony Kakko’s voice wasn’t as bad as I had feared before Tuska, it still sounded weak. At least his stage presence was a lot better than before, but overall the gig wasn’t that good, with some songs sounding less powerful compared to their studio versions.

Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)

Black Sheep

Losing My Insanity

The Last Amazing Grays

I Have a Right


Shitload of Money

Paid in Full


Don’t Say a Word


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The Polish death metal squad Behemoth made a debut visit at Tuska, performing in the small tent. The show was pure magic and mayhem leaving people gasping for air. Back in 2008 the Polish death metallers made the second visit until now when the Polish did third crusade to Tuska. As it is widely known the frotnman suffered from the leukemia and went through diabolical treatments. He looked extremely determined and strong with the evil glimpse in his eyes on the stage. Behemoth sounded uncompromising brutal and grandiloquent under the cold cloudy sky at Tuska. The set was basically a best of, including the most essential Behemoth death hymns.

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War themes have always been one of the most penned topics amongst metal bands for decades. Sabaton definitely hit the jackpot by switching the lyrics into the war theme. When the success started rolling in for Sabaton, the line-up went through dramatic changes when the half of the line-up got renewed. Their latest offering CAROLUS REX presents pure Swedish metal with the Swedish lyrics about the Swedish history – eeh pretty Swedish for sure. It is obvious the band has gathered a massive legion of fans during the past few years cos they received an extreme warm reception from the Finnish audience. The frontman Joakim seems to be a man with the sense of humour as keeping asking and telling all kinds of funny things to please the Finnish audience. Obviously the metal fans from the eastern country didn’t find some of things that humoristic. However, Sabaton performed a real bombastic show with huge pyros and of course the audience went crazy for sure.








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