Sebastian Bach Interview

at Belfast

12th June 2012

By Mark Dean

Hey and thanks for joining us today!

“Kicking and Screaming” was your first release in several years. Did you feel that it was important to take a break from your musical career, to explore other artistical interests? Was that to show people that Sebastian Bach was not a one-dimensional character?

Sebastian Bach – Well actually we put out the record “Angel Down" in late 2007, and “Kicking and Screaming" came out in 2011. I don’t think in this day and age when CD sales are down that is too long. You can’t really put a time limit on something that you are creating as it can only come out when it is done. It is the same for writing books, doing music or making a movie, you can not put it out when it is not finished. Once I have 13 songs that I am really proud of then it’s finished.

I am really proud of the record.”  


What can Sebastian Bach do that no-one else can?! 


Sebastian – I can sing the ending of “I remember you” just like the record! Actually Carrie Underwood can do that too, but not like the record. She can do a pretty good job!

Have you ever been the subject of an internet hoax death rumour?


Sebastian – Yes! There is actually a site that I have been in contact with, trying to get them to take it down! If you Google that it says I am dead, it’s from Montreal Canada. I’m like ‘Fuck You!’!

Who is writing this email?…Is it my hologram?!                                                                                   

What in your life are you most proud of, either personally or creatively?


Sebastian – Creatively I was really proud of  ” Jekyll and Hyde” the musical because it was something totally different that I had never done. Personally, recently I gave up drinking alcohol which is a major life change that I had never tried to do before. Once I tried then I went on tour with Guns N Roses and that was that. I’m feeling pretty proud that I’ve been off it about a month.

It is difficult as it kind of goes with ‘Rock and Roll’ which I have been doing all my life.

I think though that maybe that is a copout to say that. You could be a doctor or a lawyer and still have a problem with alcohol or drugs. I think that it is a personal choice. As somebody very close to me mentioned ‘Who still in your industry at your age really drinks a lot?’ There is really not that many guys that I can name, they either die or just go to complete shit.They are not even worth going to see or listen to. It’s like Gregg Allman says in his book, ‘Nobody listens to a drunk!’


What are the best and worse drugs that you have ever taken?

Sebastian – The worse drug is cocaine because it is insidious in nature. You don’t realise that you can die for example a line hitting your heart the wrong way, your heart can explode or stop, that’s really not worth it. I fucking hate the way I feel the next day when I do that shit. It just takes me out for a day or two. The best would be marijuana, though I don’t really consider that to be a drug, its like carrots. (and if you get me some after the show that would be great)!!

How do you view the current rock scene?

Sebastian – I really like a couple of new bands Black Veil Brides and Asking out Alexandria;  those are two bands that I am good friends with and they really have taken that old ‘Rock & Roll’ spirit and brought it into the younger generation. If you look at my audience there are a lot of young kids coming to my shows, which is really cool. I guess because I have been doing it for so long.

Looking back, what do you think are the both the best and worst albums that you have made?

Sebastian – To me personally the best album I made is ”Kicking & Screaming” that I like to listen to.

It’s been out for close to a year and I still listen to it myself when I go running. That’s the one that I listen to everytime as it’s the only album of mine that I listen to that kicks my fuckin ass. That’s not putting down the other records…It’s just I don’t know why, just the riffs, the production and the vocal sound.”

I have interviewed other musicians that prefer after recording an album to move forward they don’t go back and listen to it.

Sebastian – That’s usually the case but this one sounds so fucking cool. I don’t know why.” My own worst enemy” my Lord it’s just very good. The worst one would be” Last hard men”, which I don’t really talk about too much. That’s just a big mess that was an experiment to see if the worlds of hard rock and alternative could merge. The answer is no they can’t.

What is the worst review that you have ever had either musically or acting-wise?

Sebastian – I don’t know if this was the worst because it’s pretty funny. I will never forget when we played” Jesus Christ Superstar” in New Orleans at the Sanger Theatre. Old theatre and an amazing place, the newspaper review said in the first paragraph ‘Just the simple fact alone Sebastian Bach is playing the part of Jesus Christ could be the first sign of the oncoming apocalypse’ We just read that and laughed, that is fucking funny. Then New Orleans got hit with the fallout a few years later.”

What was the lowest point of your career? 

Sebastian – Probably when one time I got really mad at my current manager and I said some things I shouldn’t have said to him. He gave me an ultimatum that I couldn’t talk to him again I was like ‘Fuck him!’, I don’t need a manager” I sat on my couch for a couple of days drinking and watching DVDs, all by myself. The phone wasn’t ringing and nothing was happening. I’ve got to say that was probably the lowest point.

I was choosing booze over my career for like a second there. I finally decided to get in touch with him and work with him. He goes ‘Sebastian, I want to work with you but you can’t say those things to me!’ You have to choose your battles in this life. If somebody is important to you, then you have to treat them with respect, honesty and trust. You can’t really talk to people in a rotten fashion, and not expect them to react in a rotten way.

Would you say you believe in God? [Told you that these questions would be different!]

Sebastian – That’s cool! I would say Yes, I do believe in a higher power.

What is the best feeling in the world?


Sebastian – I would say that the best feeling in the world is when you know deep down that you did your best. When you set a goal for yourself, and you accomplish that goal to the best of your ability no matter what it is. That is the feeling that nobody can ever take away from you. That is why I have always made my music for myself. I want to be so proud of it, that I want to shake you by the collar and say listen to this man.T hats from the first Skid Row album up to ‘Kicking and Screaming, and all the plays I’ve done.

I want to be super proud of what I am doing. I like to be busy; I have a lot of energy. I don’t consider creating ‘Rock & Roll’ to be work. Working at the highway toll booth, that’s work. Music is just the ultimate feeling in your life. Glad you liked the show tonight; it was such a small venue for us.                                                                                       

The audience demand is still there. The entire set tonight from the first Skid Row tunes that I grew up with and that still mean so much to a lot of people, to the latest songs. It all just sounded great!


What would you like to be written on your tombstone?

Sebastian – What I would like to be written is ‘He didn’t die of liver failure’. That’s a goal that I have. I would like it to be written that he lived for over 100 years that would be really cool. My great-aunt Margaret lived to be 97; she died a couple of years ago. Then I would be a real silver fox!

What would you say is the meaning of life?

Sebastian – A Monty Python movie! [Laughs]

[Laughs] Surprising response, very good. Certainly one that I didn’t expect.


Did you audition for Velvet Revolver, or was that just another internet rumour?

Sebastian – I actually recorded five songs in the studio with them that exist. One of them ended up being the first song on their second record. Recently I have been playing with Matt Sorum in the ‘Rock & Roll All Stars’ and ‘Camp Freddy’. He has talked about possibly releasing that stuff some day or revisiting it. It was some pretty cool stuff which was more hard rock than the stuff they did with Scott.                                                                                           

There’s also rumours circulating that Scott has rejoined?

Sebastian – I don’t think so…no, definitely not.

How do you spend your free time and relax away from the rock&roll circus? Do you have any hobbies?     

Sebastian – I like to spend my free time with Minnie (model girl-friend and cover star of latest album) who is sitting here right now! [that she is] It’s my favourite thing to do to be with her.

Walk around Belfast; go to some restaurants, looking in shop windows. To stay in shape I go running a lot, that’s the most apart from being on a stage.

With the small stage tonight I just couldn’t be myself as much as I would like. Our last gig was Donington at Download. We have ‘Gods of Metal’ in Italy in a couple of days that will be really good, I can’t wait for that!

That leads me nicely onto my next question…What are your plans for the rest of the year as we now approach festival season?                                                                                                    

Sebastian – We are playing every European festival possible! Then we go to America, and will be doing a lot of touring there!                                                                                                                   

What does the future hold for Sebastian Bach?

Sebastian – My record company wants another record. I have also been offered a book deal, but  I don’t know if we will take that, possibly we will.                                                                                     

That could be an entertaining read?!

Sebastian – Yeah I am not afraid of being honest and say what I want to say, that would be possibly fun to do too! I’m more excited about doing another record. I will work on it with Nick Sterling (guitarist) and Johnny. Also Steve Stevens and I are going to write some songs we have talked about that. Nuno from Extreme is dying to do some metal  like some real hard rock, he has told me a million times I wanna fucking rock as hard as I can!                                                  

What about musical direction do you still want to stay in line what you have done before or try something completely different?                                                                                              

Sebastian – I am not looking to change my musical direction. I love the music I play.

Any more acting planned?

Sebastian – Dude, to be honest most of the acting I have done other than ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ is really to pay my mortgage and my bills. Rock &Roll is always going to be my first love as far as creating goes!


Is there anything else that you would like to turn your hand to or try? 

Sebastian – Writing a book. I was also getting offered these tours with my old band, that are gigantic fucking tours. I would like the promoters to realise what we are doing. We are too big to play tiny places. They assume because I am not in Skid Row that we can play smaller places.

The fans don’t give a shit, its almost dangerous playing smaller places it’s too crazy. You saw the scene outside the bus here tonight. (Lots of fans taking a piece of him) People are shoving ripping at each other, and we should be playing a bigger place. I’m 6 ft 5” and tonight I was struggling.I was inches away from the lights and they were burning me. It was a challenging environment for me to do what I do.                                                                           

And yet you still put on a great show tonight!                                                                    

Sebastian – I’m glad that you liked it, I’ll shut the fuck up! [Laughs]             

Whats your favourite TV role that you have done? 

Sebastian – Probably Trailer Park Boys which seems to be big over here! Every where I go people are shouting those lines at me [laughs] Gilmore Girls was fun. I have just shot a TV show called Californication with David Duchovny; that was cool and I’m in the new Rock Of Ages movie with Tom Cruise. Everywhere we go that’s in your face on TV with his mum, on every billboard.                       

I read that your house was caught up in the floods. Did you manage to salvage any of your Kiss collection?   

Sebastian – No there was a lot of lost memorabilia. I collected all that stuff most of my life and it was all down in the basement. The most important things like my father’s artwork and my very valuable comic collection, scrapbooks, digital board tapes from Skid Row concerts-those are all safe and ok. All the really important stuff I had on the other levels. I don’t know why but I am glad that I did!                                                                                       

How was living in a house with Ted Nugent-known as the ‘Wildman of Rock’?

Sebastian – To be honest with you, I think that Ted’s political beliefs and social opinions overshadow how great a guitar player he is. More people know Ted for his outrageous views and political viewpoints. His music is so great but a lot of people are disgusted by him, they don’t like guns. People don’t like racism but he says some things that are from the fifties. People don’t think like that anymore, it’s not acceptable. It’s a shame because I love his music and he is funny as hell.

He is so abrasive with his beliefs; it takes the fun out of it!                                  

We touched earlier on your former band. Have you ever been approached about rejoining them or a reunion? In recent years they seem to be very popular.      

Sebastian – Well you know the ‘Sonisphere festival’ in England? They offered us very good money to reunite! One of the guys in the band doesn’t want to do it, the other four of us do.

That was a real offer though as they made a poster with our logo on it and it was on-line .

Then it got removed the very next day, but that was real, that was going to happen!

Are you still in touch with your former band members?

Sebastian – No.

So it was all done through management?

Sebastian – Yes but nothing happened. It is very easy for me to sing those songs and we are all alive so I don’t see why not. I wouldn’t end my solo career either. I have a record deal and would keep making records. If they want to do some gigs I am not against it!

Thanks Sebastian for your time tonight, was great chatting with you!

Sebastian – No problem dude.





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