UGLY KID JOE, Fozzy and Butcher Babies @ Camden Underworld

Ugly Kid Joe, Fozzy and Butcher Babies

@ Camden underworld

6th June 2012

Review by Ashlinn Nash

Photography by Oran Tarjan

For the first show in fifteen years, Ugly kid Joe accompanied by the debut of Butcher Babies to the UK scene and a well gigged in the UK veteran squad Fozzy all make up the line-up for tonight.

Set to be a rich display of style, rock and roll etiquette and a sold out underworld ready to rock!

Starting off with the vixen lead Butcher Babies [3.5/5], who deliver some succulent guitar; riffs behind vixen lead rock and roll.

Leading with slick precision, lacing the crowd with some tantalising tunes about slaughtering and banter.


Needless to say they won the crowd over with plenty of sleazy banshee cries and angry growls combined to make for an interesting set, with songs about serial killers and American life.


For a first time UK show this was a rocking debut.


Showmanship at its finest with Chris Jericho’s Fozzy [4/5]

A band who encompass the American spirit with octane attitudes.

They have an adrenaline of the sing along classic rock motifs, delivered in a Slick and stylish manor.

Debuting new song tonight “sandpaper” (from the upcoming album Sin and Bones) adds a series of clapping crowd members into a frenzy of enjoyment from the entertaining Jericho.


Jericho’s vocals sound very stadium rock and powerfully leading a swish show from the rock and rollers delivering a set full of great fun.


The walls of the underworld a wait in excitement as the headliner band are about to hit the stage, from the crowd a sudden collection of Ugly kid Joe shirt-clad members a line the floor space.

The crowd surge into screams for Ugly Kid Joe [4.5/5] attack the stage with excitement and raw energy with a voice that still displays the same power with a grand history behind it.

Preened to perfection of old school music whose loyal fans have the lyrics of the stone cold classics down to a tee.


With tonight’s mixing of the know classics proves to please the crowd while spicing them up with new vibes. Numbers such as “won’t you be my neighbour “ after all this time still sounds as fresh as ever with a new school feel to the classics.


There wasn’t a teenager in the 90’s that didn’t sport this chaps on their walls are now back again with ripping feel-good solos and sun kissed attitudes.

Songs such as “Cats in the cradle” delivers the crowd in more sing-a-longs.

The rock and rollers close with the much anticipated “everything about you” sets the night off with a bang with screams and excitement. After fifteen years of being off the road tonight shows that they need to be returning to these shores again soon.





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