The Beach Boys – That’s Why God Made The Radio

The Beach Boys

That’s Why God Made The Radio

2012, Capitol Records

Rating: 4.5/5

After a too long of a hiatus the original surviving members have finally come together again for the first time in decades to record a dozen new tracks. THAT’S WHY GOD MADE THE RADIO is a classic Beach Boys album in just about every sense of the word. Brian Wilson IS and always be THE sound of this iconic band. His vocal’s may not be as good to some as they were in the 60’s but they sound amazing and many singer’s 40-50 years his junior will never sound this good.

For anybody familiar with the old Beach Boys records will appreciate this album and it’s sound. It has that good time Summer feel to it that they were known for. There is a good mix of mellow and upbeat tunes and neither overpower the other. They compliment each other and flow well together. The harmony vocals are flawless and a prime example of that classic sound. The title track exemplifies this perfectly. This is a modern classic and proves that they still have it and are still relevant today. Their trademark  sound and style continue into the next track; “Isn’t It Time” which is another feel good summer song. They continue on throughout the album with more similar styled songs along with a few mellower numbers. A fine mix indeed.

THAT’S WHY GOD MADE THE RADIO is one of the most anticipated Rock album’s of the year and it doesn’t disappoint. If you are a fan of the band or were a bit hesitant on picking this up then hesitate no longer. It is a fantastic album and will be your soundtrack to the summer.