George Harrison – Living In The Material World (Blu-Ray)

George Harrison

Living In The Material World (Blu-Ray)

2012, Universal

Rating: 4.5/5

Martin Scorsese does it again with a killer documentary film on the ‘Quiet Beatle’. This documentary showcases Harrison’s entire life in an unbiased light. As with all of Scorsese’s films that I have seen they are well done from every aspect possible and LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD is no exception.

This release is a 2-Part film with both parts on one disc. For review purposes I will refer to it as a whole which is how it should be viewed, in a single sitting.

As you would expect this film begins at George’s somewhat not so humble beginnings. Liverpool in the early 40’s was not the most glamourous time and times were rough for just about everyone. LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD does an excellent job showcasing the early days as best as possible. Once we get past the dissolving of The Beatles the documentary really becomes interesting. There is only so many times you can hear the Beatle story be told. The interview clips with Olivia and Dhanni are extremely interesting as we hardly ever get to hear from them and their life of living with George daily. The segments with Clapton, Ringo and Macca aren’t so interesting although Ringo does a much better job compared to Eric and Paul. His stories are slightly more interesting.

An excellent film for ALL music fans, especially Harrison and Beatle ones. It is well executed and of very high quality as you would expect from Scorsese. This is one of the greatest Beatle related films to have ever been released.