US Department Of State Says No Comment On Jailed LAMB OF GOD Singer

LAMB OF GOD‘s Alix Bryan reports:

More than two weeks have passed since LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe was arrested in the Czech Republic on manslaughter charges.The case, involving a four-time Grammy nominated band, has become high profile for numerous reasons, especially as questions go unanswered and Blythe remains jailed despite putting up almost $200,000 US dollars in bail.

On Wednesday, on Facebook, the US Embassy released a very brief, non-committal statement regarding Blythe: “The US Embassy provides standard consular services to American citizens in need of assistance. We cannot discuss specific cases due to privacy concerns.”

Today CBS 6 reached out to several contacts; a Prague reporter who has been covering the case since the beginning, the US State Department, the manager for Lamb Of God, the Czech defense attorney, the US Embassy in the Czech Republic, and the US defense attorney that represents Lamb of God.

We had little luck with any Czech contacts—due to time zones and language barriers. We have left messages with both the Czech defense lawyer and the US defense attorney who will remain overseas until Saturday. No confirmation yet if that means Blythe could be released by then. Blythe’s wife is also in the Czech Republic with the attorney.

Noel Clay, spokesperson with the US Department of State, could not answer the specific question, “Were US authorities contacted by Czech police?” The question looms in the air as to how the band never knew that a fan had died and that the death was under investigation, with the band as suspects.

Czech police have said, at least to the Czech tabloid,, that they contacted US police about 18 months after the 2010 incident at Prague’s Club Abaton. According to Jonathan Crane, with the Prague Post, police confirmed they started investigating the death in 2010.

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