Mortillery Interview

Mortillery Interview

Interview by JP


It’s always nice when local bands get the attention they deserve, even moreso when you are lucky enough to have met the band members and watched them on their career trajectory. For me Mortillery falls in that category hailing from just up the road in Edmonton, Canada. They kicked up a decent, indie EP in the middle of 2010 and followed it up a year later with MURDER DEATH KILL. A combination of hard work and talent has just landed them a record deal with Napalm Records so I thought I’d interview the band now.

Tell us about the early history of the band.

We started in late 2008, all we wanted to do is play some old school thrash metal! we felt there was a lack of thrash bands around and we wanted to remind people how great old school thrash is.

With Cara’s power metal like vocals and our punk infused riffs we knew we had something rad and took advantage of everyone’s dedication to create our band, since then we haven’t looked back, always moving forward trying to bring our music to the world!

Are there any copies of the debut EP left for sale for those die-hard collectors?

No there isn’t, there was a total of 275 copies made. I believe and they’re all gone! But there’s good news! The release of "murder death kill" by our label Napalm records will include 3 bonus songs which are 3 of the 5 songs in the ep!

How did you guys get initially hooked up with HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH records?

Our singer, Cara, also plays in a band called Minax. They had released an ep with HPGD and Mike Juliano, the owner, offered us his help with the album, were really thankful for all he did for us when we were just getting started!

Who did the album cover and how did the concept get developed?

Todd Rocket is a really good friend of ours he has worked on some of our tattoos and he is an amazing artist, the concept is based on a post apocalyptic wasteland, and the main character has appeared in some of our other art like t-shirts and as a poster on the ep.

Is the title MURDER, DEATH, KILL reference to the Demolition Man movie or is it just a coincidence?

haha you got it! At first I remember we had talked about making references to 80’s movies on every song, haha it didn’t last long but MDK was a classic example of what we were going for I guess.

What is it about classic thrash that has such an unending and universal appeal for young artists like yourselves?

Not sure about everyone else, but to us its the feeling we get from listening/playing thrash. We like other genres too, but we feel like thrash has all the elements we prefer in music, from the vocals to the riffs, driving drum lines and blasting fast solos.

Tell us you came to be involved with Eric Grief.

When the deal with Napalm records came about we were really lucky to get in touch with Eric and even though hes probabily the busiest guy i know he agreed to help us out and guides through this process, he has done so much for us and we are in forever debt to him! hes a great guy to have on your side!

That lead to you recently announced deal with Napalm Records. How did that happen?

It may seem unlikely but we followed the simple steps of recording an album, made a press kit and sent it to the label, months went by and nothing but after a while the phone rang and it was napalm records offering us a world wide deal! Can you believe our excitement!! We’re so thankful for this opportunity and are working really hard to make the best of it.

After a 20+ year drought there is suddenly quite a bit of music industry interest in the Western Canadian Metal scene. Do you feel you are on the cutting edge of a group of artists like Untimely Demise, Striker, Kobra And The Lotus, etc who are finally making a difference?

I think so, those bands are amazing, sometimes we wonder how napalm noticed us when were surrounded by great bands, were really proud to be able to represent western Canada and thrashers, and we’ll do our part to keep the music world interested in Canadian metal!

It’s been almost a year since MURDER, DEATH, KILL came out. Are you working on new material?

As a matter of fact we are going into the studio on July 1st to record our next album, we have lots of great songs we’ve been working on and cant wait to be able to show them all to you, the new album is darker faster and full of catchy riffs, so stay tuned!

Any famous last words?

Thanks so much for this opportunity! See you on the road!!



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