Stefan Lindholm performs live with John Macaluso, Joe Stump & Mats Leven

Swedish guitar sensation STEFAN LINDHOLM of VINDICTIV and RAVEN LORD performs live with John MacalusoJoe Stump , Mats Leven and friends, at Pub Anchor, Sweden, Stockholm – 4th July 2012.

They are going to play Far Beyond The Sun by Yngwie Malmsteen, Red HouseSpanish Castle Magic much more and some jam as well.

Stefan Lindholm recently joins the ranks with VGS Guitars. Swedish melodic/progressive metallerVindictiv and multi national metaller Raven Lord are currently in the studio to record new albums. Stefan Linholm is a swedish guitarist for Vindictiv and Raven Lord. He has played for Phenomena, Soulspell, Firecracker and worked with Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Oliver Hartmann (At Vance, Avantasia) and Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring of Fire), etc.

John Macaluso is an American drummer, who has played for Ark, TNT, Yngwie J. Malmsteen among others.

Joe Stump is an American guitarist, he plays neo-classical metal, in a style similar to that of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Mats Levén is a singer. His most notable recent collaborations have been with symphonic metallers Therion and doom metallers Krux and Candlemass.



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