PRIME EVIL (Usa) signs with INFERNÖ Records

New York re-unleashes its most venomous poison ! PRIME EVIL is B.A.C.K.  The Beasts from NYC’s underground metal circut return with a vengeance. Sicker, stronger, faster than ever! Those who are familiar with the 80’s underground metal scene have already undoubtly heard of this band that was among the most promising & interesting ones. Nevertheless, like many others, they never got the chance to catch a deal and after three now-cult/classic demos (“Prime Evil” in ’87, “The Manifestation” in ’88 and “Industry” in ’90), a 7″EP (“Terminal Dementia” in ’92) released on RAGE records, the band disbanded, leaving hordes of maniacs worldwide wanting more…

2002.. King Fowley (DECEASED, OCTOBER 31) released the whole band’s discography on a CD compilation called “Unearthed” on his label BATTLEZONE Records…The response to this release was great, proving the band was not forgotten and still much appreciated after these years…

2011, almost 10 years after this last release, the band reunited with their classic line-up (Andy EICHHORN on vocals, Mike USIFER & Gary DAY on guitars, Mary CIULLO on Bass and Todd GUKELBERGER on Drums) and together gave a couple of live-shows in NYC… Unfortunately for personal reasons, Drummer Todd and Bassist Mary first left and then guitarist Gary stopped too… leaving the two founding members and songwriters, singer Andy & guitarist Mike to perservere, and complete their latest effort nonetheless…

Needless to say it was just impossible for them to stop, their motivation at the moment was (and still is) too huge.. PRIME EVIL had to be reborn & reconquer its ranks. Both worked very hard on new material which is absolutely mind-blowing – definitely THE BEST from PRIME EVIL to this day.

The new songs sound more complex, faster & sicker but do not betray the band’s original style that could be described as a mix of savage thrash-metal with raging death-metal touches – brutal, heavy & furious! Three new songs (“Crucifixion Aftermath”, “Barbarick Rites” and “Evilution Decree”) will soon be released as a luxurious digipack CD-EP as well cassettes on INFERNÖ Records ! This new release entitled “Evilution” will be unleashed mid-July and we’re confident this will take the world by storm.

The band has a rejuvenated line-up, and they are ready to conquer the globe…

For more information, you can visit the one & only official PRIME EVIL website at or find them on Facebook (

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