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New Eden

Interview with Vocalist Rod Arias

Interviewed by JP

NEW EDEN is a Los Angeles based Heavy Metal group started in the mid 90’s by Horacio Colmenares. The quintet driven music has been described as Progressive Speed Power-Metal fronted by melodic singing. Their recent album came out of left-field and caught me totally off guard. The new album SOLVING FOR X by New Eden falls in my ‘pleasant surprise of the year’ category. I had no idea the band had a new album in the works let alone still being active. It has been 11 years since STAGNANT PROGRESSION (an appropriate title under the circumstance of the time between albums) and I just assumed the band was dead and done. For that reason we wanted to catch up with the band with this interview! 

How did you become involved with New Eden?

Through a common friend, Mark Steward who was singing with Axe Hammer at the time. He told me that New Eden needed a singer to do the HOA show (2008). I didnt know of New Eden but I trusted my friend when he said I would like it….he was right (Thanks Mark).

What were some of your previous bands that you have worked with.

Interestingly enough I played drums before and I played with Phil Lewis from LA Guns on the album More Purple than Black (also called El Nino in Japan). Andrew Bettis, our new guitar player played bass on the project.

As a singer I sang for a California band called Recon (2002-2007) . I did several shows with them but we didnt record anything. I also sang for an Iron Maiden tribute band called Powerslave from 2000 -2005.

It’s been several years since the last album? What has happened in the intervening years?

Life happens. For what I know, Rick moved to another state, which made it difficult to work on material. Another singer came into the picture but for some personal reason….he is no longer in the band. Thats when I came into the project and as soon as we got back from Germany we jumped in the studio to begin recording.

Was SOLVING FOR X completed when you joined or did you have a hand in song-writing?

I believe, all the music was already done by the time I got into the band.Horacio is a music writing machine and great producer (Thanks H). I wrote 5 of the lyrics and melody lines for the album: Anthem of Hate, Flames for Hades, Infecting the Lie, Watcher and Life not Death.

Do you prefer to song lyrics that are based in reality and/or your own experiences or do you like work in the realm of fiction/fantasy?

The former. I like to sing about real life. Sometime real life is as crazy as any fantasy HAHA.

Do you like to sing your own lyrics or can you sing whatever people bring you?

I’m pretty open but I wont sing things that go completely against what I believe……like I’m not going to sing about killing people or even suggest to do so. I think that when you sing lyrics or write lyrics…you need to be aware that someone is listening and I rather have people motivated to do something good or make their minds work.

Do you have any tips or advice for young aspiring singers (or even older singers!) how to keep their voice in shape?

Great question JP. Here we go:

Work on your voice DAILY. Try to do some kind of vocalizing exercise every day. Your vocal chords will become stronger and more flexible to do the job at hand.

Rest your voice, if you cant sing that day…..don’t push it….now, if you have a show….suck it up hahaha and rock the house.

Learn from your mistakes….don’t get discourage by them.

How did the recording of SOLVING FOR X come about? What studio did you use? How long did it take?

Like I mentioned before, Horacio had all the music written and somewhat recorded. Everyone then came in and recorded their respective instruments. As fas a me goes, Horacio gave me a song to write lyrics for to see what was my style of writing. Anthem of Hate was my first and they liked it so he gave me another one and that one was Flames for Hades and from there we just pick which song we would write and we both finished writing 5 and 5.

We recorded everything at Horacio’s house, he has a very nice little studio.Very comfy.

The whole process took about a year because of everyone’s schedules.

How did you guys manage to establish a relationship with Pure Steel Records?

I think that Volker (Pure Steel Records) had shown some interest in New Eden’s music before and after talking with him and the rest of his team we decided it was a good thing for us.

Who did the cover art? It’s awesome!

Actually is a picture of me getting out of the shower that my ex girlfriend took.

His name is Timo Wuertz and yes, he is incredible.Thanks TIMO and thanks Pure Steel Records for getting him.

Do New Eden have any plans to tour?

We would love to tour. We now have to find a management company that can take care of that……so listen up mgmt companies…..New Eden needs you. We are doing some local shows, we just played an IFS event to a great crowd.

Any famous last words?

Never give up on your dreams!!!

Please visit the band’s only official site at for more information.

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