Classic Rise Above Records titles to be released in North America through Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records will be releasing albums from Rise Above Record’s storied catalog throughout this summer. Albums on the schedule so far include: Witchcraft’s Witchcraft, Firewood, and The Alchemist, all to be released on July 17th. On July 31st, the self-titled first album from Gentleman’s Pistols, and Firebird’s album, Hot Wings will be released – both albums feature the legendary Bill Steer of Carcass/Napalm Death fame. Additionally, Metal Blade released two classic Grand Magus albums, Wolf’s Return, and the critically acclaimed Iron Will on June 5th.

Order your copies and listen to tracks from the albums at the following links:

The latest release from Rise Above recording artists, Witchsorrow, will be released on July 3rd. God Curse Us is available now in Europe, and North American fans can pre-order and listen to the title track from the album now at God Curse Us is a stellar example of traditional doom; Decibel Magazine noted that “it’s equally important that bands such as Witchsorrow champion doom’s archetypal morbid value system of slow-coach Sabbath riffs and moribund world outlook a la Electric Wizard, Reverand Bizarre, etc. Witchsorrow are a trio of traditionalists whose sound has been reared on the fundamentals.”

In other Rise Above news, Electric Wizard has record a 4-track demo, Satyr IX, exclusively for the Decibel Magazine Flexi Series. The flexi will be in the special “Queens of Noise Women in Metal” issue and can be ordered now on A stream is Satyr IX can be heard now on



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