D.A.D on Fast On Wheels Tour 2012 with support at Falconer Theater Copenhagen,Denmark


Fast On Wheels Tour – 2012

The Floor Is Made Of Lava – special guests

Goodbye Kitty K – support act

Falconer Theater



13/4 – 2012

Live reviews and pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The brand new D.A.D. masterpiece DIC.NIL.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK was released at the end of last year and even if the music takes a few listens to settle, the disc is brilliant once you given it a chance. The past few years have treated the band well and the guys have managed to build a new bigger fanbase after heavy touring in most corners of Europe. This show ended the 26 date European tour and along for the Scandinavian leg they had the band The Floor Is Made Of Lava. The first original show at Falconer Theater was sold out so another show was shortly added. It’s something extra ordinary to see D.A.D. perform at home in Copenhagen and the fans have a tendency to become pretty wild during the show. The stage was set with a long ramp that went straight into the crowd and it was used heavily by most of the band members during the show. Almost everyone who entered the club went straight to the ramp and stood beneath it in order to come really close to their favorite bands. At 7:30 silence came as the music paused and the first band was ready to enter the stage.

Goodbye Kitty K

The band began to play and the singer ran on to stage when the intro was done. The singer ran across stage like a maniac and even though the venue was far from crowded at this point she and the rest of the band did their best to get everyone going. I hadn’t heard the band before but would establish their music as fast rock’n’roll/punk music. The band played for about 30 minutes before it was time to say goodbye. The show they put on was pretty good but the experience turned a little sour because of the poor lighting.

The change of gear went pretty fast and soon was it time for the second support act.

The Floor Is Made Of Lava

This band seemed to be very popular amongst the people inside the Falconer Theater because as soon as the members turned up the crowd began to scream and cheer. More people had now arrived to the venue and the temperature began slowly to rise. But again the lighting failed to do this band justice and the members stood partially in the dark and played. The bands dirty rock’n’roll was the perfect way of warming up to D.A.D. with and 35 minutes went by really fast.

The Floor Is Made Of Lava_2.jpg

The Floor Is Made Of Lava_1.jpg

Now came the D.A.D. gear out on stage and I could see a drum podium that stood in front of a gigantic tv-screen that was divided in four parts. It kind of looked like a flag and in the middle of the screen was the well known D.A.D. logotype put, the cow head. This time it was showed as the cover of the latest album. Below the drums was rows of amps placed on each side and to the left of the stage was a piano placed. While the crew changed the gear turned more and more people up and the venue was soon jammed with fans.




All of the members entered the stage to the sound of the intro and the band was as always:

Stigge Nasty – bass, vocals

Jacob Binzer – guitar

Laust Sonne – drums

Jesper Binzer, lead vocals, guitar

“A New Age Moving In” marked the beginning of the show and the fans were on board the train right away. The amazing “Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” followed instantly and the crowd sang a long with Binzer during this song as well as most of the songs throughout the night. The screens behind Sonne showed various patterns as well as the bands logo – the cow head on fire and it looked really nice and fit great to the songs. The Binzer brothers used the ramp instantly and walked out on it and connected with the fans below. Nasty began with playing on his see-through bass guitar with glow in the dark strings but as always as the show progressed he switched bass guitars quite a few times. “The End” followed and it’s the first song out from the new album DIC.NIL.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK. Jesper Binzer said that it was nice to be playing in Copenhagen again and said that Sonne was going to kick off the next song and while the drums began I heard that it was “Everything Glows”. Jesper talks in such a heavy Danish that it was hard to hear and understand what he was saying from time to time but he looked really cool playing his flying V guitar and brother Jacob had on his high black hat while mastering the guitar. All of the members seemed to be in a great mood and Jesper said that they had been around Europe with trains, planes and buses and that they’re the “Lords Of The Atlas”. It was a really pleasant surprise that they had dusted of this old song again because it was a while since I last heard this personal favorite song. Fires burnt behind the drums and almost straight after “Lords Of The Atlas” came “Monster Philosophy”.





Nasty usually dresses up and has been a pilot, a gladiator, and Zorro to mention a few characters during the years but this time he was himself. The three front men also used the amps to stand on and switched sides with each other. The lights had improved and both the lights and the sound worked perfect. “Reconstrucdead”  turned into and extra long version where the brothers stood on the PA system and had a guitar battle. “Riding With Sue” followed and the last song was as always sung by Nasty. Personally I think he should sing “Black Crickets” instead of “Riding With Sue” – don’t get me wrong, he sings both songs great but “Riding With Sue” have we heard so many times before live. Cameras had been attached to the mics and Nasty’s and the both Binzer brothers faces were  shown on the TV screens. During the next song “Last Time In Neverland” three flags waved on the screens and it once again looked like the cover from the new album. The newer songs worked really well live and the audience sang along in them as loud as they did in the older ones. The temperature had now reached boiling point and many of the bands classics hadn’t even been played yet. Jesper thanked everyone for the support and said that his brother now had switched guitar into an old one and that must mean that he was going to play an old song and he kicked off “Grow Or Pay”. During the show so far had Nasty used a lot of different bass guitars like the rocket bass, the Chevy bass, the bass that is build like an upside guitar as well as his normal yellow one. It’s always fun to see his various bass guitars.











A piano was rolled out on stage Jesper said it was time to slow things down with “We All Fall Down” which is a calm ballad taken from the new album. The screen showed Jacobs fingers playing the piano and this song sure let Jacob show off his various vocal register. “I Want What She’s Got” followed and when the song almost had ended went Sonne’s drums out on the ramp with him behind still playing. He went out to the middle of the ramp where he fired off a drum solo, when the solo was almost over the drumkit tipped over so he was standing up playing. Jesper told everyone so shout along with him that “We want what Laust got”. That later turned into “Come on Laust we know you got it” and during this kept Sonne playing his drum solo. When it was over he slowly got back to his original position and “Gods Favorite”was played. “Bad Craziness” followed and that was the last song for the night. But the crowd thought the show should continue and shouted for more music. The band returned and the first encore was “The Place Of The Heart” followed by “Sleeping My Day Away” and as always let Jesper the fans sing the first verse of the song. This songs, like a few others, turned into an extra long one where Jacob really extended the guitar solo into almost oblivion. As soon as Jacob had done his thing ran Nasty out on the ramp dressed in his rocket man helmet that poured sparks and flames. As soon as the song ended thanked Jesper and the band everyone for being there and for letting the band having a great time in Falconer Theater. But that was not the end, after only a few minutes came the brothers back and kicked off an acoustical “Laugh n a 1/2” followed by “It’s After Dark” where Nasty took on the lead vocals. Sonne had also joined the rest of the guys on stage and this version was made in a different way and in with only piano and vocals in the first verse. The entire Falconer venue sang along with the guys in both “Laugh n a 1/2” as well as in “It’s After Dark” which is D.A.D’s signature songs.






“It’s After Dark” is the given song to close a show with and it always sounds really nice when both Jesper and Nasty shares the lead vocals. Altogether lasted the show for about 2 hours and I have nothing at all to make a mark on or to criticize. It was fun to see that they had dusted of two older classics and to hear the new slightly updated version of “It’s After Dark”. D.A.D was on fire this night and proved why they are the best band from Denmark.
If you can’t get enough of D.A.D be sure to check out your local festival,they might be playing there, because the band is going to do a lot of festival shows this summer.




A New Age Moving In

Jihad- No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims

The End

Everything Glows

Lords Of The Atlas

Monster Philosophy


Riding With Sue

Last Time In Neverland

Grow Or Pay

We All Fall Down

I Want What She’s Got

Gods Favorite

Bad Craziness

Encores 1

The Place Of The Heart

Sleeping My Day Away

Encores II

Laugh N a ½

It’s After Dark

Thanks to Pyg Grynderup at Beatbox Booking & Concerts for help with press/photo-pass to this show.


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