PHOBOS CORP. have just announced that they will celebrate their first release on Facebook with a full streaming of the entire debut-EP “FELICITY”.

This Online Release Party on Facebook for “FELICITY” has been scheduled for May 31 from 11:00am CET till 23:00pm CET through

PHOBOS CORP. will release the debut EP “FELICITY” on June 01, 2012 via sites as Bandcamp, Vibedeck and Fixt Store and of course through all popular download platforms, which is handled by CdBaby.

Track List “FELICITY”:

One Eternal (Felicitity’s Song)
Conceived Fate
This Divine Tragedy
Angels In Despair (Instr.)

All music and lyrics are written by Spyros Papadakis, he is the man behind the one-man mastermind Sympho Metal project PHOBOS CORP. The mixing and mastering was in the hands of the legendary producer DAVE CHANG ( Orange Goblin and Stampin’ Ground a.o.).

Everybody can check out “One Eternal (Felicity’s Song)” as it’s been uploaded in full at : , as well as samples of the other songs.

You can check out all guest-musicians here :

The idea behind the mastermind Sympho Metal project PHOBOS CORP. started when Spyros Papadakis was 15 years old. New bands and new sounds were discovered through the traditional heavy metal bands and of being an avid fan of film soundtracks from Hans Zimmer (his biggest influence), Vangelis, Danny Elfman and Basil Poledouris, but admiring also more contemporary artists such as Yanni, Brian Eno and Kitaro, the idea was slowly growing for a personal project that combined different musical elements together – a sort of amalgamation of various genres and styles.

Spyros Papadakis about the idea behind this project: “ Phobos Corp. is without a doubt a project and that’s because, I want to have complete artistic and creative freedom in terms of the music I compose. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to complete a default line-up for recording and, mainly, touring purposes, because I would like to take this project on the road as much as possible.

I am very confident for the future, having already completed more than a few song demos – so I do have a large pool of songs to choose from regarding future releases. Then again, the important thing for me, is to continue composing more and more songs and to try and become better as a composer, as a musician and as a lyricist. I have started writing for a new EP, which if all goes well, will be released by the end of the year. This time, I will be “flirting” more with darker melodies. “

Spyros has uploaded 3 YouTube-clips where he talks about the history of the project, background info, the recording proces, guest musicians, the next EP, the vision he has for this project and more !

For all PHOBOS CORP. info :

Official Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Reverbnation :
YouTube :



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