Ex-Mastery Drummer Kevan Roy Suffers Extensive Injuries In Motorcycle Accident

 It’s just been learned, that on the eve of starting pre-production and drum tracking for his new metal project, ex-Mastery drummer Kevan Roy was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. During the accident Roy suffered third degree burns to his right knee, extensive abrasions and bruises to both legs and hips, a broken rib, a compound clavicle fracture and a torn rotator cuff on his right shoulder. The injuries will require Roy to undergo two surgeries and months of rehabilitation.

“The experience was surreal. I was knocked unconscious for almost 20 minutes and don’t actually remember the accident itself, but the friend who was riding behind me said that as we came out of a turn, I hit debris or something that was on the road, instantly taking the rear wheel out from under me. It happened on an on-ramp to the highway, and he said we were only going between 60-70 km/h, with another vehicle ahead of us, so speed was not a factor. What really did it, however, was that after going down on the right side, the bike hooked up and flipped over top-side, taking me with it. And that’s what really did the damage to me, and the bike. The sub-frame broke right off the back,” said Roy. “Obviously this accident has been a huge set-back to the new music and projects I’ve been working on, but it’s also forced me into a situation where writing is the only thing I can do. I’ll be posting lots of updates along with photos from the accident, as well as video footage and teasers of the demos I’ve been working on.”

Kevan Roy served as the drummer for thrash group Mastery on their debut album “Lethal Legacy”, which was released through Universal/Navarre in North America and Sanctuary in Europe. The album drew critical acclaim from Metal Maniacs who proclaimed, “While ‘Lethal Legacy’ pays homage to the classic thrash of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s with nods to Testament, Forbidden, Vio-lence and Metallica, it doesn’t sound as if the band are pinning for the glory days.” Decibel Magazine also sang praise for Mastery’s brand of “instru-metal”, as they gave the band a whopping 9/10 and called them, “Mastery of Puppets”.

Kevan Roy is currently working on a new metal project and is expected to make announcements in the coming weeks. In the meantime, fans can keep up to date with regards to Roy and his recovery online at www.kevanfnroy.com



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