BATTLERAGE “Battlefield Supremacy” limited tape release details

Alongside with SKELATOR “Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death” cassette, Metal On Metal Records put out another limited tape release: BATTLERAGE “Battlefield Supremacy”.

Chilean horde BATTLERAGE is the most prominent band playing True Heavy Metal from this South American country. Formed in 2002 in Santiago, they have never compromised their rough and epic style and gained a considerable following, having put out 2 demos (re-released under the title “The Slaughter Returns” in 2008 by Metal On Metal Records), 1 full-length, 1 EP, 1 live tape and 2 further full-length albums: “Blood, Fire, Steel” in 2009 and “True Metal Victory” in 2011 (both on Metal On Metal Records).

BATTLERAGE “Battlefield Supremacy”, released on limited to 66 copies pro-tapes, contains all songs from the band’s 2004 full-length album “Steel Supremacy” (minus the Manilla Road cover) and 4 studio songs (including intro) taken from their 2006 EP “Battlefield Belongs To Me”. Both releases of these Chilean metal barbarians were very hard to find and not available for a long time. Here’s the complete tape track list:
1. Caput Draconis
2. Heavy Metal Axe
3. Spawn Of Terror
4. The Cult Of Doom
5. Wage The Demons’ War
6. Covered In The Blood Of The Gods
1. The Nameless One
2. Battlerage
3. Cimmeria
4. The Wargods Return
5. In Blood You’ll Pay
6. Disciples Of The Horned Skull

BATTLERAGE “Battlefield Supremacy” tape:

You can find more info about “Battlefield Supremacy” on the page of this release:



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