The Jeff Healey Band – Live In Belgium (DVD)

The Jeff Healey Band

Live In Belgium (DVD)

2012, Convexe Ent.

Rating: 3.5/5

Another live Jeff Healey DVD from Convexe Ent. This one was filmed in July of ’93 at the Peer Blues Festival in Belgium. As with previous Healey live DVD’s the music itself is outstanding. The video is what is lacking in these releases. The picture is not sharp and clear so it looks like it has been taken from a 2nd generation VHS Tape. This however does not take away from the music which is the important thing.

As you would expect Jeff performs flawlessly and is on top of the game as usual. He just makes it look so easy as he whips through such songs as “Confidence Man”, “Angel Eyes” and “See the Light” along with a fantastic version of The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. The sound of the DVD is better than the picture and is fairly well mixed.

This release is recommended for all fans of Jeff’s music. It is an enjoyable show with some great music. It is the music that counts and this live performance showcases what a talent he really was.