Evanescence – s/t



2011, Wind-Up Records/EMI

Rating: 3/5

This is my first real introduction to Evanescence. I have heard their music before but this is the first full album and serious listen I have given them. They are now joined by ex-BLS drummer Will Hunt which makes this release more interesting.

Upon first listen to this album there was nothing that really stood out to me at all. The music is good but it is very generic and forgettable. They are like a watered down, more poppy version of Lacuna Coil. Amy has a fantastic voice and uses it to the utmost capacity but the music itself is what lacks. There is no edge to it. It is too safe and radio friendly. The band is trying too hard to gain that Top 40 commercial radio spot. The song “Sick” is the best song on this release and the only track that stands out either bit.

Hopefully by the time they record the next album they will realize that they need to kick it up a couple of notches and not play it so safe. Amy’s voice and Will’s drumming are easily the strong points of the album.