Tentative Tracklisting For HELIX: 1983-2012 CD Revealed

Singer Brian Vollmer from of HELIX has issued the following update:

“In September I will be releasing a new Helix compilation CD entitled simply: Helix: 1983-2012. It will feature 19 tracks from various Helix CDs over the years plus one brand new track, the Christmas track that Sean (Kelly; CRASH KELLY) and I wrote. We’re keeping the name of the song under wraps for the time present, but as we get into the later part of the summer I’ll let everyone know what it is. Last Friday I was at Brent’s (Doerner) place in Kitchener and we were working on the video and it was looking good. The game plan is to have the song go to radio the first week of September and the video to be released on Facebook/MySpace/YouTube and Planet Helix at the same time. At the end of the video will be the Christmas tour dates plus a link to the Heavy Mental Christmas website where fans will be able to buy tickets online. I’m very excited about this and everyone who has heard the song thinks it’s going to get lots of airplay/video play. We’ll see…”

Tentative songs for the Helix 1983-2012 CD:

‘Danger Zone’
‘Running Wild In The 21St Century’
‘Give It To You’
‘Jaws Of The Tiger’
‘Deep Cuts The Knife’
‘Skin In The Game’
‘Good To The Last Drop’
‘The Same Room’
‘Heavy Metal Love’
‘Fill Your Head With Rock’
‘Get Up!’
‘Wild In The Streets’
‘Six Feet Underground’
‘Rock You’
‘Champagne Communist’
‘Animal Inside’
‘Make ‘Em Dance’
‘I’m A Live Frankenstein’
‘You Got The Love That I Like’
‘Mystery Christmas Song’



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