KILLERFIX @ Camden Underworld

Killerfix @ Camden Underworld

Bridge of Disorder Album Launch

23rd March 2012

Review by Wolf “Annihilation” Shankland

Photos by Michelle Murphy

Camden Underworld has hosted many a great gig night, only a week or so ago they had the mighty “Suffocation” and “Cerebral Bore” playing. It’s small but mighty stage, and in the months to come it will hold the legendary “Fear Factory” but tonight it held a line up of bands that suited most fans; For tonight everyone is waiting for the London based group known only as “Killerfix”, who are celebrating the re-release of their debut album “Bridge of Disorder”.

As the doors opened, the first band “Sanctorum” began to play.

Opening the night with their metalcore sound; Sadly not my cup o’ tea!

They had a good crowd behind them, which looked like they had only just turned 18 years old, as they were windmilling (with their arms I may add) to the screams of what looked like a 12 year old with a beard screaming down he other end of the mic.

If you’re into a “Your Demise”, but younger band, then Sanctorum are the ones to check out but in my eyes, no thanks. [1/5]

But the next band really made up for the opener.

Ladies and Gentlefish, feel the RAGE as ‘Juggenort’ enter the stage!

This thrash metal band really ripped the stage apart; also celebrating the release of their EP “Hooligan”. They played new and old material, with the crowd moving ecstatically to the sounds of “N.F.B” and thrashing about to the epic “Hooligan”.

“RIPLEY!!” Possibly the best thing to echo through the Underworld at a gig in a long time. Jimbo really knows how to get the crowd going before unleashing a circle pit from hell and the hair flying through the air.

The room filled with energy from the “Juggernort” boys and their fans loving every minute.


Definitely one of the angriest, rage-filled thrash metal bands to checkout this side of the water “Juggernort” have really filled the people with RAGE for the rest of the evening!

Well done you beasts!!



1.    Wargasm

2.    Hooligan

3.    No Fucking bullshit

4.    Mark of Kain

5.    A breed of species unkown to man… (bughunt)

6.    The demon who makes trophies of man

‘Skreamer’ followed the Jugernort lads next, and what a follow up it was.

The boys really had the room jumping around with a showcase of different sounds.

One minute Sam (Skreamer vocalist) would get his groove on to a southern style riff, then followed by a little power metal ballad before kicking in with some hard pounding metal.

Well done to the Skreamer lads.

But now is the band of the evening. The reason we’re all here;

The bars now empty as ‘KILLERFIX’ enter the stage, and what an entrance it was and  what an opening track too!

“Trust are the law” is taken from their future album, which is still in production via “Dust on the tracks records” and what a corker of a song it was!


The pit opened up straight away, (yours truly jumped in for laughs) and even the members of “Sanctorum” jumped in alongside, (bless them).



After that cracking track they followed with the melodic but brutal “Beckoning” and the brutal “Someone else to blame” the pits opened once more.


With a quick breath and a nice bit of banter with the crowd, the illustrious Craig Wilson (vocalist) began to announce the next song but was beaten to the punch by a big fan… It was a good guess on my part to the massive “In Texas”


After trying to hold back the pit so photographers (and myself lol!) don’t get crushed by the pits, Craig announces a little surprise for the next track “Smoke for the pain”, a beautiful ballad about weed! But joining him on stage was Sam from “Skreamer” and what a good team up it was! Allowing poor Craig to get his breath back with interludes during the breaks, if you missed this…then you missed a spectacle!

Two more songs and the finale is amazing! The crowd roar with energy as the title track to the album “Bridge Of Disorder” begins.

The crowd flies around the pit to the brutality of this track, Craig looks down and smiles at the crowd, before pushing the mic out and allowing people to sing along to parts of the track, what a gent!

And now the crowd stops and waits in anticipation to hear the final song.

As Craig and the rest of “Killerfix” announce this as the last song and say their goodbyes, he also announces this last song is also a new one from the unreleased album! “In a valley south of Eden” rips through the walls of the underworld.

Even though it’s a new son, the crowd picked up on the quickly and began shouting in sync with the beast that is “Killerfix!!”



An amazing set and I really can’t wait to see these guys again.

Well done to “Juggernort” and a massive hell yeah to the “Killerfix” lads!

Now after an awesome night, its off to the Electric Ballroom for a killer after party!


Set list:

1.    Trusts are the law

2.    Beckoning

3.    Someone else to blame

4.    In Texas

5.    Divided

6.    Smoke for the pain

7.    Bridge Of Disorder

8.    In a valley south of Eden




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