Electric Boys with support on And Them Boys Done Swang Tour 2012 at Kulturbolaget Malmoe,Sweden

Electric Boys – headline

And Them Boys Done Swang Tour 2012

Bonafide – support act




23/3 – 2011

Live Review & pictures by: Anders Sandvall


The Swedish kings of funkmetal Electric Boys reunited a while ago and last year came the first studio album titled AND THEM BOYS DONE SWANG which is completely awesome. Opening act this night at Kulturbolaget was another Swedish act Bonadife with members from Malmoe. Bonafide’s well known drummer Sticky Bomb left the band as well as the bass player Micke Nilsson, so this show was going to be the first one for the with the new guys for me to see. Bonafide is one of the hardest working bands in the industry and is always out on tour. The bands new album is called KRUSHER and has not reached the stores yet. The show was scheduled to begin at 9 and over at 11.30 because then it was time for the night club to begin. Bonafide hosted an exclusive pre-listening of KRUSHER between 8-9 in the bar located at the corner of Kulturbolaget.

The doors opened at 8 and as I entered the venue I could see a semi-large backdrop with the support act name on it. Most of the people that arrived to the club at the same time as me headed over to the bar to listen to the Bonafide album before the show started.




The band entered the stage to the sounds of the audience clapping hands. The band members are:

Micke Fassberg – guitar
Pontus Snibb – lead vocals, guitar
Martin Ekelund – bass
Niklas Mattsson – drums

“Dirt Bound” opened the show and was shortly followed by “Down” which appealed heavily to the crowd who sang a long and cheered to the music. Snibb had the audience in the palm of his hand instantly and it was pretty obvious that the band was playing in their hometown. The show continued with “No Doubt About It” which is taken from the 2009 album SOMETHING’S DRIPPING. Snibb is a brilliant frontman and it was pretty clear that the band had toured heavily together because the band felt extremely tight and solid as a unit. Snibb said it was nice to be playing in Malmoe again and fired off “Hard Livin Man” which transcended straight into “Can’t Get Enough”. The groovy music of Bonafide has a lot in common with the music of AC/DC and Status Quo so it’s hard to resist the bands happy and feelgood music.




“Doing The Pretty” was taken from KRUSHER and I think it sounded like a typical and genuine Bonafide tune. The following song “I Don’t Need No Doctor” Snibb dedicated to his dad and was taken from the EP “Fill Your Head With Rock, Old, New, Tried and True” from 2010. The sound system worked great but the lighting was much poorer. “Butter You Up” followed and in the middle of the song Snibb jumped down from the stage and into the audience playing lead guitar. While on stage again came the song “Nice Boys” also taken from the EP. Snibb said that the band was going to play another new song from the album that I didn’t catch the name of. He also said that KRUSHER is due to be released sometime near the summer. “Night Time” followed and before the next song, “Fill Your Head With Rock”, Snibb invited all his friends and family to join the band on stage and a bunch of people came up. That ended the show that lasted for almost one hour which was pretty long for a support act. It was really nice of Electric Boys to give Bonafide such a long performance. Bonafide put on a great show and the new members felt solid as a rock. It was really nice to see the band on stage in their hometown and Snibb is the born frontman.







Setlist (not in order)
Dirt Bound
No Doubt About It
Hard Livin Man
Can’t Get Through
Doing The Pretty ( new song)
I Don’t Need No Doctor
Butter You Up/Nice Boys
New song
Night Time
Fill Your Head With Rock

The change of gear went really fast but even though the change took about 15 minutes had we wait for 15 more minutes before the main attraction went on stage and during that time many people also left the venue.



Electric Boys

The band members went on stage while the intro was running and the first song for the night was “Angel In An Armoured Suit”. The band members are:

Conny Bloom – lead vocals, guitar
Andy “AC” Christell – bass
Niclas Sigevall – drums
Franco Santunione – guitar

“Groovus Maximus” followed and that woke up the audience who began to sing a long and clap their hands. This old classic song worked as well today as it did back then and the fans welcomed the band with warm hands. Bloom thanked for the support and said that a few members were a bit sick but that the band was going to do their best despite that. “Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters” followed as well as  “Electrified” and “Ten Thousand Times Goodbye”. Sigevall had an enormous groove and with Christell formed a solid but funky foundation for the rest of the band to rely on. Even though I have seen the band numerous of times by now, both when they had their prime time and today, is it always a blast seeing the guys put on a show.





It looked like the members had a great time on stage and the sound system worked really great during the show. Bloom said that we probably were going to recognize the next song which was “Knee Deep In You”. Not only during this show, Bloom has given proof of what a great stage person he is. It was mostly Bloom that moved around on stage connecting with the crowd and it felt like the audience preferred to hear the old songs rather to the ones from the new album. Bloom didn’t talk much and let the music do the talking instead and the crowd was really glad when he introduced “Mary In The Mystery world” in which the fans sang the chorus. “Rags To Riches” followed instantly and now with the fans awake again it felt like the band also lit up. The song “Captain Of My Soul” was given to us in a semi acoustic version in the first verse and then it shifted into a blues/funk song.

That song ended the ordinary time on stage but the fans screamed for more and Bloom and the boys shortly came out again and kicked off the intro to the bands biggest hit and Bloom let a fan say the magic words “Now dig this motherfucker” and so was “Lips And Hips” played. The band dragged out the song for a really long while and everyone in the band contributed with a shorter solo part. They turned a 4 minute song into a 15 minute jam. Instead of dragging out that song why not play another one. That song was the one and only encore and the show lasted 75 minutes altogether.




Even though Electric Boys delivered a solid show it lacked for something more. The set list was good despite the fact that I missed a few personal favorites. It also seemed like the fans appreciated the older songs much more than the new ones which is odd because I think they work just as well as the older ones. But then again, I had wished for a little more of the classical stuff.  I don’t understand why the band are so persistent with dragging out the songs with endless guitar jams. It lacked songs from the great album FREEWHEELIN….I wonder why they didn’t play anything at all from that opus?! Electric Boys did a really good show despite the sickness amongst a few band members.

Set list
Angel In An Armoured Suit
Groovus Maximus
Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters
Then Thousand Times Goodbye
Knee Deep In You
Welcome To High Times
My Heart’s Not For Sale
The House Is Rocking
Mary In The Mystery World
Rags To Riches
Captain Of My Soul
Lips N Hips



Thanks to the head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundberg and head of press Kristian Kornhage for help with press/photo pass.


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