RYAN BARTEK OCCU-WORLD TOUR 2012; Europe (May 7th-July 15th 2012) & USA (July 21st-Dec 21st 2012)

Underground writer/activist/musician Ryan Bartek has released his annual “State of the CounterCulture Union Address,” announcing a WORLD TOUR that will combine a number of objectives. Read full transcript here: www.scribd.com/doc/88484910/STATE-OF-THE-COUNTERCULTURE-UNION-ADDRESS-2012

Continuing the “BIG SHINY PRISON/FORTRESS EUROPE” styled non-fiction journalism that Bartek is known for, the author will be traveling the Occupy Movement in Europe and USA. He will also be traveling other progressive/alternative movements and (as always) interviewing a bunch of metal/punk/industrial/alternative/rock/freak bands in the process.

To understand the style of this journalism, take a look at his most recent book “FORTRESS EUROPE (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)”: www.scribd.com/doc/54281199/FORTRESS-EUROPE

Bartek will be gathering material for a future book of this style and also publishing articles about his travels in THE PORTLAND OCCUPIER, an online newspaper based in Oregon in which Bartek is a staff member/road journalist. Bartek is actively working with The Portland Occupier to build a GLOBAL OCCUPIED NEWS SERVICE. This project will work as an RSS Feed & web-ring. To get connected, visit: www.portlandoccupier.org/ ( email: portland.occupier@gmail.com )

Ryan Bartek will arrive in Europe May 7th & will visit Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Brussels before heading south to aggressively travel Spain, Portugal & Italy. The author will also be visiting Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest & Greece before ending up at the Obscene Extreme Festival in Prague 7/11-7/15, (**NOTE: Bartek isn’t playing Obscene Extreme, he just urges everyone to attend what he considers the “greatest metal festival on Earth”). Other cities/countries will be visited & announced as the project unfolds, and Bartek expects to perform some random dates doing book readings, spoken word or raw acoustic.

Bartek will be heading back to the USA to join the OCCUPY BOHEMIAN GROVE protests scheduled in Monte Rio, CA from July 14th-August 1st. He is heavily promoting that people get involved and also to participate in the first ever Bohemian Grove International Awareness Day on Saturday July 14th. All people need to do is pass out flyers in high-traffic public areas. Peaceful marches are also welcomed.

**NOTE: Ryan Bartek & the activists involved with OCCUPY BOHEMIAN GROVE want to make clear that they DO NOT ENDORSE the conspiracy talk which claims The Bohemian Club’s mascot (a huge owl statue) is some Babylonian/Pagan demigod. This owl statue IS NOT MOLOCH. This IS NOT a satanic cult. As is why most never look deeper into this subject – lunatic websites often pop up with searches.

The reality is that Bohemian Grove is more of a pseudo-mystical frat-boy kind of thing, on par with Fred Flintstone & the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. So yes, while it is true that burning an effigy under a creepy statue while wearing druid hoods has obvious connotations to ancient sacrifice religions, in reality this is a tongue-in-cheek reference to that sort of thing. And yes, once again, we know what this sounds like. If this is the first time you’re hearing about any of this, please read here. This isn’t merely a “political” protest. This is about ripping down “The Curtain of Oz”: www.scribd.com/doc/86505846/Occupy-Bohemian-Grove-July-2012

Anyone that would like to participate (and yes, that means you who are reading this right now), or if you would like to book Ryan Bartek to rant at an audience for a night, email ryanbartek@Hotmail.com

Download Ryan Bartek’s entire artistic canon 100% FREE here: ryanbartek.angelfire.com/blog/



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